Kerobokan ‘Drug Ring’ 10 Sent to Bangli

Kerobokan ‘Drug Ring’ 10 Sent to Bangli


Ten Kerobokan drug prisoners have been moved to Bangli Jail in a bid by prison authorities to break up a growing network of narcotics distribution in prisons.

The move followed the arrests late in May of four men alleged to have distributed and sold drugs through craft shops in Legian in a scheme said to have been masterminded by a drug prisoner in Kerobokan.

Prison chief Maliki said the prisoners, who were moved to Bangli on May 27, had been identified as those who controlled the circulation of drugs in Kerobokan.

“As well as acting to break up the prison drug network, we made the move to overcome overcrowding in Kerobokan,” Maliki said. “We chose Bangli because it has spare capacity.”

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