Legian Cave-in Kills 3

Legian Cave-in Kills 3


Three men died when a drain they were building at a construction site on Jl Nakula, Legian, collapsed and buried them under 1.5 metres of earth and rubble.

Labourers Fikri, 28, from Lombok, and Ismaeni, 50, and Suari, 30, from Banyuwangi, East Java, were crushed on August 20 by falling debris. One of the men died instantly. The other two, severely injured, suffocated.

Rescuers who brought in heavy excavators could not reach the last of the victims for four hours because of fears that further cave-ins might occur.

West Denpasar Police Chief Nanang Prihasmoko said police were questioning the contractor over allegations of possible negligence and lack of safety equipment onsite.

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