Merapi Death Toll Nears 100

Merapi Death Toll Nears 100


At least 54 people were killed and dozens injured on Friday when Mount Merapi erupted again, with scores more suffering severe burns and breathing problems, officials said.

The latest deaths bring the total toll to almost 100 since the country’s most active volcano started erupting on October 26.

“The number of dead bodies we have recieved is 54,” said Banu Hermawan, a spokesman for Sarjito general hospital in Yogyakarta, south of the volcano.

“The evacuation process is still ongoing now. We’re afraid there’ll be more deaths as some locations are still inaccessible due to hot ash and volcanic material.”

Many of the dead were children from Argomulyo village, 18 kilometres from the crater, according to emergency response officials and witnesses.

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  1. ED says:

    That’s a sad news. Disappointing to hear.

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