NZ Corpse May be Murder Victim

NZ Corpse May be Murder Victim


Police believe a New Zealand man whose bashed body was pulled from the water off Suluban beach near Uluwatu on Tuesday night last week may have been murdered.

The body of Jordan Lucas was fully clothed and had severe head injuries. Local fishermen made the discovery and called police.

The body was taken for forensic examination at Sanglah Hospital’s morgue.

Although the body was fully clothed, it was dressed in two layers of outer clothing but no underwear.

The body had blunt-force injuries to the head and thighs. But doctors were unable to say this week whether the man had received the injuries on land or when already in the sea.


  1. guy says:

    His bag, and all the contents (video camera, wallet, passport, etc), were found in a warung above the vicinity where the body was found. Probably not a murder.
    Personally, I think he either fell off the cliff edge, or he tried to go for a swim in the middle of the night. In the cave at Uluwatu, during a high tide, this is very dangerous. The shorts could have easily been ripped off by jagged rocks.
    I wonder if they tested for blood alcohol or drugs?
    At any rate, many condolences to his family, but the chance of an accurate Indonesian autopsy is very unlikely.

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