Security Guard Held After Legian Disco Death

Security Guard Held After Legian Disco Death


A young Karangasem man is dead, allegedly of multiple stab wounds, after a fight at the Bounty Disco in Legian’s nightclub district early on Wednesday.

One security guard, identified only by the initials AR, was later detained as a suspect by police investigating the incident.

Police said Wayan Kayun, 19, originally from Munti Gunung near Tianyar in far western Karangasem, went to the Bounty, a popular late-night venue on Jl Legian, at about 1.30am on Wednesday. Security guards refused him entry because he looked underage and could not pay the admission charge.

Witnesses said he then tried to evade the guards to enter the disco but was seen by them and chased through the building. Details of what followed are sketchy, but according to reports Kayun was caught by pursuing guards inside the premises.

Kuta Police chief Gede Ganefo said later Kayun bled to death outside the Bounty before an ambulance could reach the scene. The body was taken to the Sanglah Hospital morgue in Denpasar.

The Kuta-Legian entertainment district is supposedly under a virtual police and local community lockdown following a rash of violent incidents earlier this year.


  1. Sandy says:

    I met Wayan (Froggy) in September. He looked after my neice the two weeks she was in Bali. He was a happy and friendly young man. The security guard that killed him should be locked up for life. I hope justice is served!!!!!

  2. gail says:

    None of the stories published are the same as those of the young guy who was with Jason (Froggy)
    We were in Bali at the time. His cousin Essa came to us with the sad news. Jason was a great young guy loved by all my family. My Grandson had been playing pool with him that afternoon. RIP Jason

  3. SAM says:

    The one question I have here and has always amazed me regarding this area of night clubs is, Why is it that he had to pay a cover charge to get into the place but every tourist that walks through the doors pays nothing.

    Who’s country is it

  4. jason says:

    i have known froggy for about 4 years, he was always a great guy to my wife and i.It was a very sad day in australia for a lot of people when we received the terrible news of what had happened. I CAN ONLY HOPE THIS GUY GETS THE DEATH PENALTY for what he has done.

  5. warga bali says:

    Agree with sam my condolance goes to his familys,I hope he’ll get justice .

  6. Chase says:

    R.I.P froggy miss you bli!

  7. Sarah says:

    4 years I’ve known Froggy. And every year I go there he is the first person I look for. He took me everywhere for free and we hung out all the time. First year I met him he couldn’t speak english then I taught him and each year he got better!!! Going back to bali won’t be the same, he made me laugh so much and had THE best smile. Wish I got to say goodbye. He didn’t deserve this and that security guard should be killed, seriously hope he rotts in jail.

    RIP FROGGY, you will always ALWAYS be remembered.

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