Tiger Kills Man

Tiger Kills Man


A Sumatran tiger attacked and killed a farmer in Aceh, an official said.

The rare beast mauled the 25-year-old man in South Aceh district on the northern tip of Sumatra, local sub-district chief Erwiandi said on Tuesday.

“The victim, Martunis, was working at a chilli plantation at Mount Serindit on Monday. He failed to return home that day,” Erwiandi said.

“The bones of his body and arms were found this morning along with tiger’s body hair. The remaining parts are only the head, legs and feet,” he said.

Human-animal conflicts are a growing problem in the country, as forests are destroyed for timber or to make way for crops, forcing animals such as tigers and elephants into closer contact with people.

Tigers were blamed for the deaths of a palm oil worker in September and a rubber plantation worker in August, both attacks occurred in Sumatra island.

There are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, according to the environmental group WWF.

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  1. Ant K says:

    This is bound to happen more and more often as a result of deforestation and destruction of the wild animals natural habitat. It will continue to happen until they are all shot out and subsequently become extinct.

    Where there is now farmland, there used to be forest.