Tourist Dies After Falling into Volcano

Tourist Dies After Falling into Volcano

The Bali Times

A Swedish man was killed on Wednesday after he fell into a crater of Mt Batur volcano after a climb of the peak in eastern Bali early in the morning, police said.

Daniel Petersen, 25, was reported by friends to the authorities after he went missing, local police chief Made Oka said.

Ketut Baru of a local trekking organisation said four people climbed the active volcano at 4am on Wednesday, arriving at the top at 7am. He said one of the party slipped on the edge of the crater and fell in.

“They had enjoyed the sunset and were about to come down from the mountain when the victim slipped and fell,” he said.

A search-and-rescue team was at the scene and attempting to retrieve Petersen’s body.

Mt Batur consists of two calderas and is 1,717 meters above sea level; it last erupted in 2000. Climbing to the summit is a popular activity for tourists and locals.

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