Two Held in Latest Drug Arrests

Two Held in Latest Drug Arrests


The arrest of a Filipina at Bali’s international airport on December 1 — only disclosed on Monday — led to the arrest of the man in Jakarta to whom she was paid to smuggle heroin.

Marisa Costino Gibbon, who arrived on a flight from Bangkok, was found to carrying 107 grams of heroin in her vagina, according to police.

She told police she was to be paid for smuggling the heroin to Jakarta after she returned to Bangkok. She gave police the name of the man in Jakarta to whom she was to deliver the drugs. Police and customs agents arrested the man, Heppy Perangin, in Jakarta on December 2.

Both face possible death sentences if convicted, under Indonesia’s tough anti-drug laws.


  1. Dan says:

    At least she didn’t resort to – ‘But officer…. I didn’t know they were in there!!!’

  2. Harry Pottery says:

    That’s some wet job going on there. I still think how they figured where to find the drugs from the first place.

  3. Allegra says:

    When will people ever learn. It is just not worth it.

  4. james says:

    I wonder how long it would take to release Schapelle Corby, if Ms. Julia cut off all aid; maybe 24 hrs i think USA

  5. richard chalmers says:

    it is really sad to hear widespread news from indonesia about drugs,and drug trafickers,let them go,send them out,kick them out of the country,but dont kill them,i like indonesia,love the people there,love the food,but i tell you something,im terrified to go go there,just not worth it to me,i can go to hawaii,tahitii,many other places,and dont have to worry about getting drugs planted in my babgs,you think drugs ruins the reputation of indonesia,and bali,corrupt government,ruins your economy,wakeup indonesia,stop the death penalty in indonesia,take a leadership role in human rights,dont follow singapore,malaysia,and you might just end up with a lot more tourists coming there,i will never go to indonesia,as long as you kill these people,THE DEATH PENALTY FOR DRUGS DOES NOT DETER DRUG TRAFICKERS,IS JUST TO WIDESPREAD,IT DOESNT WORK,i pray for your president,i pray for your people,but i will never suport your country in anyway,you want good life for your people,take a leadership role,respect your own constitution,which is suposed to guarantee the right to life,god bless you all

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