Vox – Florentina Erika

Vox – Florentina Erika

Florentina Erika
Name: Florentina Erika
Age: 32
Occupation: Lecturer
From: Yogyakarta
Marital status: Married with one daughter

What progress has Indonesia made since it become democratic eight years ago?
I see some progress in our society. The printed media and people in general are free to write and voice their opinions, which wasn’t the case when I was a student.

Has democracy generally been a positive force?
Generally, yes. The country is much better off nowadays, but there are still some curtailments on freedom. I don’t think Indonesia is a property democracy yet, though, in that the people aren’t able to differentiate between freedom and disturbances. They translate democracy as being able to do whatever they want, including causing turmoil.What are the challenges that lie ahead?
There are many, but the most important is that people must face up to what it means to be a truly democratic country, and in that way we can move forward.

Is Indonesia a confident member of the international community and what can it bring to the global stage?
Not yet. But I think Indonesia must be more vocal on the world stage.

Should the country be taking a more proactive stance regionally – say, in the case of Myanmar’s detained democracy leader or North Korea?
No. We don’t need to meddle in the internal problems of other countries. All we can do is suggest they become more democratic.

Name three things that if done would change the country overnight into a more attractive place?
Stop corruption. Stop the dishonesty. Improve the judiciary.

What’s the biggest global threat you see emerging, and what can be done about it?

The nuclear programs of some countries – India, China and Japan. They can destabilize the world. (BT/AJ)

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