Vox – Meghan

Vox – Meghan

Name: Meghan Pappenheim
Age: 34
Occupation: Businesswoman
From: New York
Marital status: Married with a daughter

What can be done to improve Bali’s image?
Pay more attention to the trash – many people who come here complain about it.

Are you satisfied with the current level of security?
I am. I’m from New York and I’ve seen lots of dangerous things there. In comparison, I find Bali is safe enough.

Is the central government doing enough to improve Indonesia?
Not yet. They can do better if they want, especially with education.
I don’t see enough teachers working in schools nowadays. I think it’s better that one teacher handles only 15 students instead of 30. I notice there are also madrassah (Islamic schools) everywhere now. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re good schools, as they teach the students to become radicals. I’m afraid in the future those children will turn this country undemocratic and only approve their own religion and beliefs. This, I think, is not good for tourism.

What are the challenges that lie ahead?
The fanatical new generation; environmental pollution; and the inability of the government to give poor people and rich people equal service.

Where’s the hottest spot in Bali right now?
Bali Spirit Yoga in Ubud, which I own! It’s a community centre where we practice yoga, watch movies and serve healthy food. (BT/AS)

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