Vox – Sutrisno

Vox – Sutrisno

Name: Sutrisno
Age: 52
Occupation: Information chief, Meteorology and Geophysics Agency, Bali
From: Solo, Central Java
Marital status: Married with three children

What progress has Indonesia made since it became democratic eight years ago?
I see some progress but not that much. As a civil servant, though, there’ve been no increases in salary.

Has democracy generally been a positive force?
Generally, yes. The national parliament has become what the people wanted.

What are the challenges that lie ahead?
There are many, but the most important is that the country’s many different people all get along together and work for the common good.

Is Indonesia a confident member of the international community?
Not yet. Indonesia has to fix its own problems first.

Should the country be taking a more proactive stance regionally-say, in the case of Myanmar’s detained democracy leader or North Korea?
No. We don’t need to meddle in the internal problems of other countries.

Name three things that if done would change the country overnight into a more attractive place?
An end to corruption, being tougher about what we want to achieve and having realistic goals about what we want to do.

What’s the biggest global threat right now?
Terrorism. (BT/PO)

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