Vox – Yogi Adnyana

Vox – Yogi Adnyana

Name: Yogi Adnyana
Age: 25
Occupation: sales clerk
From: Karangasem, Bali
Marital status: Married with one child

What progress has Indonesia made in recent years?
Not much, I don’t think. Before, things were better, even though we didn’t exactly have freedom of speech.

Has democracy generally been a positive force?
It depends, really. Democracy is a process that’s still developing here.

What are the challenges the nation faces?
Economic ones. The cost of living keeps getting higher and higher and the government should raise the basic wages of employees and be more aware of poverty.

Should Indonesia be playing a more active role regionally?
Yes, we should be doing more, but first we have to make sure we’re on the right track ourselves.

What needs to be done to improve Indonesia?
The people need to be more disciplined. We have to get rid of corruption. And bureaucracy has to be overhauled to make it simple and easy to get things done. (BT/BF)

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