Anand Krishna

October 2, 2009

The Quintessence of Religion

By Anand Krishna For The Bali Times Atmano Mokshartham Jagat-Hitaya cha. Those in Bali who are still committed to the spiritual values and cultural heritage of their ancestors consider this – Read More...
November 13, 2009

The Stages of Life (Part 3)

Vanaprastha, or the third stage of life, after brahmacharya (student life) and grahasthya (social life), is when one enters the retirement age. Literally speaking, vanaprastha means “entering the forest.” Though – Read More...
November 20, 2009

The Stages of Life (Part 4)

Sanyas, the fourth stage of life, is a very unique one. This is a stage of final accomplishment, and ultimate fulfilment. The first stage (brahmacharya – student life) is a – Read More...
November 27, 2009

Transforming Negativity into Positivity

There is an old Balinese saying, Wishya Matemahang Merta – meaning “Even poison can be turned into the elixir of immortality.” The philosophy behind this is: Anything is possible; even – Read More...
December 4, 2009

Many Voices but Only One Truth

Indonesia: the largest archipelago, with 17,508 islands, and the second-highest level of biodiversity. Living on 6,000 islands are 237 million people belonging to 300 distinct ethnicities and speaking 742 languages – Read More...
December 11, 2009

Decorations Do Not a Hero Make

A great nation never forgets to honour its heroes,” said Sukarno, our first president and one of the founding fathers of the modern Indonesian state. Bali has, perhaps, been the – Read More...
January 1, 2010

For the New Year, Meditation or Medication?

The word meditation comes from the Indo-European root “med,” meaning “to measure.” I do not know when and how it got into Latin, reincarnated as “meditatio,” and gained a totally – Read More...
January 8, 2010

It’s Never Too Late to Meditate on Jesus

By Anand Krishna It is easy to quote someone famous and elaborate on their words. It is easy to quote Jesus, Muhammad Siddhartha, or Krishna, and then comment on them. – Read More...
January 15, 2010

Psychic Ability Vs Spirituality (Part I)

By Anand Krishna The Bali Times Sanjaya was an attendant, kind of a private secretary, to the blind king of Hastinapura, Dhritrashtra. He spent two thirds of his life attending – Read More...
January 22, 2010

Psychic Ability Vs Spirituality (Part II)

By Anand Krishna ABC! The Master reminds us: “Always Be Careful!” Psychic ability can do much damage to us, if we do not have our intellectual domain fully or substantially – Read More...

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