October 12, 2006

Cellphones ‘Dangerous for Children’

VIENNA, Austria ~ Doctors in Austria have warned of the dangers of cellphones to children and called for them to carry labels showing their radiation levels. “When drugs are launched – Read More...
November 3, 2006

Red Wine Gives Fat Mice ‘Longer, Healthier Lives’

A molecule found in red wine, grapes and other fruits significantly extends the lives of obese mice and makes them healthier, according to a study by US researchers published this – Read More...
November 9, 2006

Immunization Fund Launched for World’s Poor

LONDON ~ British Finance Minister Gordon Brown launched a fund to immunize millions of children around the globe this week, calling it a great “Christmas present” for the world’s poor. – Read More...
November 9, 2006

Sugar Increases Cancer Risk: Study

STOCKHOLM ~ Heavy consumption of sugary drinks and food increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, a Swedish study released this week showed. “Scientists have now, for the first time, – Read More...
November 16, 2006

Tamiflu Carries New Warning

WASHINGTON ~ The drug Tamiflu now carries a new warning following reports of delirium among some people, mostly in Japan, taking the medication to treat influenza, the manufacturer and US – Read More...
November 16, 2006

Asia on Brink of Diabetes Disaster, Experts Warn

Health services across Asia could crash in the face of a worsening epidemic of obesity-led diabetes, experts warn. In 2003, 194 million people in Asia had diabetes and by 2025, – Read More...
November 16, 2006

Is There a Google in the House?

Doctors facing a patient with unusual symptoms could well be advised to use Google to try to pinpoint the cause, a study published by the British Medical Journal suggests. Australian – Read More...
November 16, 2006

How to De-Stress and Live Longer

Numerous studies have shown that your health is greatly affected by how you react to stressful events in life. By the same token, changing your reactions and committing to a – Read More...
November 22, 2006

Mushrooms Are Sprouting for Medical Use Again

LOS ANGELES ~ Resting on a hospital bed beneath a tie-dyed wall hanging, Pamela Sakuda felt a tingling sensation. Then bright colors started shimmering in her head. She had been – Read More...
November 22, 2006

Detox: A Key Anti-Aging Strategy

Toxemia is the medical term that defines a condition in which our bodies accumulate poisonous substances to such a point that levels exceed the ability of our body systems to – Read More...

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