Human Nature

September 25, 2009

Human Nature: How Many People Have You Slept With? 2.8 Million?

The average British man or woman has slept with 2.8 million people – albeit indirectly, according to figures released to – Read More...
April 24, 2009

French Women, Thinnest in Europe, Think They’re Fat: Study

France has by far the highest proportion of clinically underweight women in Europe, but only half of them think they – Read More...
April 17, 2009

Bad Mood, Better Recall, Researchers Find

SYDNEY ~ People grumbling their way through the grimness of winter have better recall than those enjoying a carefree, sunny – Read More...
February 27, 2009

On the Bright Side: Scientists Test ‘Happy’ Gene

Whether you see life as a glass half-empty or half-full may depend on a single, hormone-delivery gene, scientists in Britain – Read More...
February 20, 2009

Seductive Chemicals Hidden in Sloppy Kisses

Seductive chemicals are hidden in sloppy kisses, scientists say, but even the most chaste caress can spark an intense hormonal – Read More...
February 20, 2009

Favorite Passwords: ‘1234’ and ‘password’

Better think twice before choosing a password for emails, online bank accounts and airline tickets. Passwords that show no imagination – Read More...
January 30, 2009

Manners Prevailed as Titanic Sank: Study

Many British victims of the Titanic disaster in 1912 may have sunk with the ship because of their gentlemanly behavior, – Read More...
January 16, 2009

Naughtiness at School Points to Failure in Life: Study

Children who badly misbehave in school are likelier to end up with a dud job, poor mental health, teen pregnancy – Read More...
December 12, 2008

Feeling Happy? Spread It Around

LONDON ~ Happiness is infectious and can “ripple” through social groups such as family and friends – but work colleagues – Read More...
November 14, 2008

Human Nature

Should I Stay or Should I Go? How the Brain Decides In making a decision, our brains operate like a – Read More...
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