I Love Bali Because…

November 21, 2008

…I like the people, the weather and the food. In Holland everyone is so busy running around, but here it is very relaxed. It’s perfect! Ben Van Dyk, 56 Holland
November 28, 2008

… the people are different from everywhere else. Elena Orlova, 27 Russia
December 5, 2008

… of the lifestyle, for sure! Robert Kidnie, 33 Australia
December 13, 2008

…the Balinese are so determined to preserve their wonderful culture. Pirlo, 31 Papua
December 19, 2008

You can meet lovely people from all over the world – it’s like Australia’s Mexico. Tyson McEwen, 20 Australia
January 2, 2009

…It has many of world’s best things: good weather, good beaches, great food, lots of shopping, beautiful nature and lovely, friendly people. We will definitely be back again! Jagannathan, 33, – Read More...
January 23, 2009

…it’s a totally different kind of Asia. It has a very different vibe than other Asian countries. It’s great to get on a bike and mingle with the locals outside – Read More...
January 30, 2009

…it’s the most balanced place on earth. Stephen Kirk, 56 London, England
February 6, 2009

…the weather is hot and the men are hotter. Hazel Taylor, 27 England
February 13, 2009

Everything is so different to America. Elissa Jones, 28 United States
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