I Love Bali Because…

September 20, 2010

…because I find tolerance and harmony in living spiritually, culturally and worldly. Dewa Widyasena, 19, Buleleng, Bali BT/SS
September 13, 2010

…because of all the man-candy. Fedina Sutiono, 19, Jakarta SS/BT
August 30, 2010

…because snorkelling is great, the culture is very interesting and its volcanoes have something very mystical about them. Isabel Zanotti, – Read More...
August 23, 2010

… because people are very relaxed and because of our ceremonies we have many holidays Gede Atmawa, 45, Singaraja BT/PCAR
August 16, 2010

…because Bali is simple. In Jakarta it’s all about fashion and here you can feel relaxed. I also feel safer – Read More...
August 9, 2010

…because the culture is so different to mine, the people are so friendly and I love their food. Juan Alfei, – Read More...
August 2, 2010

…because the people are chilled out and used to diversity. Ayasmina Anindyajati, 23, Jakarta BT/AE
July 26, 2010

…because I love the culture, art and music, and Bali makes me more creative. Rie Mandala, 31, Japan BT/AE
July 19, 2010

…because I go to school in Jimbaran and because of the Hindu religion. Guro Mellan, 23, Student, Norway
July 12, 2010

…because of the weather, the surfing, the culture – but I like north Bali best. Mauricio Majerski, 22, Germany