June 18, 2012

Bamboo Points Way to Green Construction in Bali

Strong, light and cheaper than steel poles, bamboo is ubiquitous across Asia as scaffolding. So much so that in recognition – Read More...
June 11, 2012

‘Slum Tourism’ Treads Between Aid and Exploitation

“I decided to experience the real Jakarta,” said a tourist, stepping gingerly between puddles of putrid water and a scurrying – Read More...
May 22, 2012

In Yemen, Eating Is a Luxury Millions Struggle to Afford

For almost half of Yemen’s 22 million people, eating has become a luxury they can’t always afford. On a bad – Read More...
March 5, 2012

Inside Bali’s ‘Hotel Kerobokan’

Palm trees, lawns, a tennis court and room service: What at first glance looks like a cheap resort in Bali – Read More...
January 16, 2012

World’s ‘Most Expensive’ Tea Grown in Chinese Panda Poo

Chinese entrepreneur An Yanshi is convinced he has found the key ingredient to produce the world’s most expensive tea – – Read More...
December 12, 2011

Yogi Bends Over Backwards for Afghan Peace

When 30 Afghan prison guards took a break from warden duties to try yoga, they lunged sideways in unison to – Read More...
April 25, 2011

Virtual Life Usurps Reality as Technology Exacts Toll

People right across Asia are becoming deathly obsessed with internet-based gadgets, writes Philip Lim A baby girl starves to death – Read More...
April 18, 2011

With Purported Amorous Quality, a Bountiful New Idea Is Flowering in Bali

A simple flower is improving the lives of Bali’s poorest, writes Karin Vogt Just three years ago, it was one – Read More...
April 11, 2011

In Bali, There’s Profit from Soul-Searching

Being a Hindu yogi once meant renouncing worldly pleasures for a life of solitary meditation and wandering the jungle in – Read More...
March 21, 2011

Indonesia’s Luxury Kopi Luwak Brews Global Demand

  The country’s self-proclaimed “King of Luwak” is having a hard time keeping up with demand around the world for – Read More...
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