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October 12, 2006

Singapore Placates Indonesia over Lee’s Race Remarks

JAKARTA ~ Singapore has moved to placate Indonesia after comments made by Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew on Jakarta’s treatment of its ethnic Chinese. The Indonesian government summoned Singapore’s – Read More...
October 12, 2006

Haze Causes More Disruption

JAKARTA ~ Haze from illegal land-clearing fires raging in Indonesia has closed schools, increased the number of people with respiratory ailments and disrupted air traffic, officials said. Schools in Palangkaraya, – Read More...
October 27, 2006

APP Posing Threat to Forest: WWF

JAKARTA ~ Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), one of the world’s largest paper companies, poses a threat to a massive peatland forest in Sumatra sheltering rare animals, conservation group WWF – Read More...
November 3, 2006

Pilots Grounded for Landing in Haze

JAKARTA ~ Aviation authorities have grounded 18 pilots for breaking safety regulations by landing in thick haze in the past month, an official said, as the smog returned to Kalimantan – Read More...
November 3, 2006

Indictments in Mud Fiasco Case ‘Close’

JAKARTA ~ Police said this week they had completed work that will allow an indictment process to begin for three suspects accused of negligence that caused a massive mud spill – Read More...
November 3, 2006

Prosecutor Seeks 20 Years for Militant

JAKARTA ~ A 20-year jail sentence was recommended this week for a Muslim militant accused of assisting acts of terrorism. Prosecutor Farda Nawawi told the Semarang District Court on Wednesday – Read More...
November 3, 2006

ADB to Lend $4bn to Indonesia

MANILA ~ The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is to provide $4 billion in loans and grants to Indonesia over the next four years under a new assistance strategy. The funds – Read More...
November 3, 2006

Suspected Top Couriers Nabbed: Report

JAKARTA ~ Anti-terrorist police have arrested three Malaysians suspected of being couriers for fugitive Noordin Mohammad Top in East Java province, a report said. The trio were arrested on Monday – Read More...
November 7, 2006

Policeman Jailed for Graft

JAKARTA ~ A one-star police general was sentenced to 20 months’ imprisonment this week for accepting a bribe of more than US$27,000 while investigating a corruption case. The South Jakarta – Read More...
November 9, 2006

President Risks Backlash Over Wavering Graft Fight

WASHINGTON ~ President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono risks political backlash for failing to go after “big fish” under a promised anti-graft drive that propelled him to office, local and international experts – Read More...

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