One Day

October 21, 2006


Ari Astina – known as Jerinx – is a native Kutan and drummer of acclaimed punk rock band Superman Is Dead, as well as fronting and playing guitar with other – Read More...
October 27, 2006

One Day – Francis Putrawan

Mad about horses, Francis Putrawan traveled from her native British island of Jersey to Bali, where she married local boy Ketut Putrawan, before spending more than two decades in Australia – Read More...
November 2, 2006

One Day – Jeni Smith

On a quest for decent – or any – herbal teas in Bali, Australian Jeni Smith threw in the search towel and started blending herself. The 51-year-old mother of three, – Read More...
November 9, 2006

One Day – Nyoman Sri Widianti, Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI)

Head of the Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI) in Bali Nyoman Sri Widianti battles to right what she calls Bali’s disastrous environmental problems, notably the island’s fast-disappearing forest areas. The – Read More...
November 16, 2006

One Day – Wayan Werda

The six-monthly, days-long Galungan festival, which falls on November 29 and 30 and trumps good over evil, in Bali, where homes are decked out with towering, colorful bamboo poles known – Read More...
November 22, 2006

One Day – Jane Walters

Award-winning film director Jane Walters has her hands full these days with media projects, villa developments and event organizing, as well as focusing on her beloved filmmaking, for which her – Read More...
December 1, 2006

One Day – Nyoman Rianti

Under pressure from her father, Nyoman Rianti, 15, quit her job as a housemaid – one she’d had since age 12 – and started work last month selling pieces of – Read More...
December 8, 2006

One Day – Sajan Santos

Brazilian Sajan Santos practices craniosacral therapy in Bali, a form of healing that focuses on boosting the immune system and dealing with debilitating conditions ranging from autism to chronic fatigue – Read More...
December 15, 2006

One Day – Syazariah Majidi

Syazariah Majidi is a producer with state-run Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and currently focuses on women’s affairs. The 36-year-old mother of three boys and a girl with her husband Rosli – Read More...
December 22, 2006

One Day – Jaco Vandenberg

Swimwear designer Jaco Vandenberg is one of the founders of the Reyberg lifestyle clothing company, now in its 10th year, that manufactures in Bali and has been featured in such – Read More...

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