October 12, 2006

Bring Islam Down to Earth

SURABAYA, East Java ~ British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently visited Indonesia to promote better bilateral cooperation between the two countries. In addition to this agenda, his visit was also – Read More...
October 27, 2006

Editorial – Changing Times

As tens of millions of Indonesian Muslims ended their fast this week and rejoiced in the Idul Fitri celebrations – and millions more of other faiths enjoyed what has for – Read More...
November 3, 2006

A Clash of Civilizations in Europe?

PARIS ~ A year after the wave of violent demonstrations throughout the Muslim world protesting the publication of caricatures of Muhammad by a Danish newspaper, frictions between Europe and the – Read More...
November 3, 2006

Secularism and Islamism in the 21st Century

ATLANTA, Georgia ~ The recent decision by Tunisian authorities to reinstitute a ban on the veil in public spaces will surely make great fodder for Islamist activists. Advancing their anti-Western – Read More...
November 16, 2006

Will Europe Capture the Moral High Ground?

BERLIN ~ As I write this piece in this formerly divided city, I can only feel hope that walls built between populations must inevitably fall to the communal needs of – Read More...
November 16, 2006

Dropping in and (Hopefully) Listening

Monday’s visit to this country by President George W. Bush following the APEC summit in Vietnam comes at a pivotal point between Muslim nations and the West, at a time – Read More...
November 16, 2006


Name : Made Ari Putrawan Age : 27 Occupation : Sales supervisor From : Jembrana, East Bali Marital Status : Single What progress has the country made since it became – Read More...
November 22, 2006

Editorial – All Praise

Echoing previous sentiments from US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, visiting President George W. Bush appropriately heaped praise on Indonesia this week for its faith-embracing outlook in the face of – Read More...
December 1, 2006

What Makes a Muslim Radical?

By John L. Esposito and Dalia Mogahed Washington, D.C. ~ Ask any foreign-policy expert how the West will know it is winning the “war on terror,” and the likely response – Read More...
December 1, 2006

Going All-Out

With a pat on the back from George Bush, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono jetted off to Tokyo this week to drum up investment and cement a trade deal.
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