March 28, 2011

Quake Shifted Japan Away from Korea

The massive earthquake that devastated northeastern Japan has shifted the country more than two metres away from the neighbouring Korean – Read More...
January 31, 2011

Internet Users Worldwide Reaches Two Billion

The number of ionternet users worldwide has mushroomed to reach the two billion mark, the head of the UN’s telecommunications – Read More...
January 31, 2011

Weighty Mission: Redefine the Kilo

Scientists are moving closer to coming up with a non-physical definition of the kilo after discovering the metal artefact used – Read More...
January 3, 2011

For Santa Fan It’s Christmas Every Day

It began with an innocent legacy from an elderly aunt, when she bequeathed Jean-Guy Laquerre an early 20th-century papier-mache Santa – Read More...
November 22, 2010

‘Baby Black Hole’ Offers Insight into Cosmic Enigma

Astronomers announced this week they had found the youngest black hole ever found in Earth’s cosmic neighbourhood, a discovery offering – Read More...
November 22, 2010

Facebook Launches New Messaging Service, Including Email

Facebook launched a next-generation online messaging service this week that includes email addresses in a move seen as a – Read More...
November 22, 2010

What if Airport Screeners Checked Your Square Root?

What if airport screeners looked at would-be passengers and instead of assessing the colour of their skin, asked: “What’s the – Read More...
November 22, 2010

Mind Over Antimatter: Physicists Explore New Frontier

Scientists at CERN have trapped dozens of hydrogen “antimatter” atoms, a technical feat that boosts research into one of the – Read More...
October 11, 2010

Global Marine Life Census Charts Vast World Beneath the Seas

Results of the first ever global marine life census were unveiled this week, revealing a startling overview after a decade-long – Read More...
October 11, 2010

Scientists Discover 200 New Species in Remote PNG

Scientists have unveiled a spectacular array of more than 200 new species discovered in the Pacific islands of Papua New – Read More...
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