Cleanse Your Aura Today – and Brighten Up

Cleanse Your Aura Today – and Brighten Up

By Lydia Wilson
For The Bali times

KEROBOKAN ~ You might have heard about aura. It’s is an electromagnetic field that emanates from all living things. Our aura is the physical manifestation of our soul.

For some people who are able to see the aura, it looks like a cocoon of light that covers our body. A few people can naturally see auras and their colors and for most of us, we need to practice to be able to see it. The aura is often claimed to be documented with Kirlian photography.

The colors of our aura change according to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. When our mood is positive, the aura that emanates from our body is bright; when negative, it becomes dark and dull.

Not many people can see the aura but all of us are able to sense it. Sometimes when we meet someone who is having a lot of problems and is feeling negative, we often sense or even see that their whole complexion looks dull and dark.

I notice this dull and dark aura in a lot of my clients when they first come to see me. Usually after a session of forgiveness and letting go, their aura looks so much brighter. Some look very bright indeed. I had one session with a client and it went really well. During it he let go a lot of emotional baggage from his past. I noticed straight away that his aura became bright then. When he went to the toilet afterwards, I guessed he must have looked at himself in the mirror and I could hear him saying loudly in amazement: “Wow! I am really good-looking!”

I couldn’t help myself but smile when I overheard him saying that, but it was true that he did look so much brighter and he did look really handsome because of it.

The colors in our aura represent our mood. When we are feeling calm and serene, our aura becomes bright and blue in color. When we feel sad, it’s also blue but dark and dull in color.

Here are some of the colors and their representations:

Positive red – Courage, ambition, ready to do anything. Negative red – Anger

Positive green – Flexibility, harmony and balance. Negative green – Jealousy or envy

Positive yellow – Compassion, wisdom, optimism. Negative yellow – Fear, suspicion

Growing up in Indonesia, I often heard about dukuns or shamans who would bathe their clients with water immersed with seven kinds of flowers to get rid of their clients’ bad luck. I used to wonder what they meant by that. I only realized this a few years ago when I was living in Singapore. One Sunday morning, I noticed my domestic helper was lying in bed feeling ill for no apparent reason. She told me she was feeling weak and felt like she was going to faint as soon as she tried to stand up. Come Monday morning, she was feeling worse. She mentioned that her friend told her that perhaps it was caused by what she did on Saturday.

It turned out that on Saturday, she went to her Chinese boyfriend’s house to help him and his family celebrate the Ching Ming festival. Ching Ming happens once a year and is a time for the Chinese to remember and pay respects to their ancestors by visiting their graveyards. I had no idea how it could affect her but as she believed it was probably why she was feeling ill afterwards, I accepted her reasoning. Having learned a little about aura at a course a couple of months before then, although I was still skeptical about it, I suggested to her that she should take a shower and clean her aura.

Here was my suggestion: Take a shower and before you finish, close your eyes and imagine the dull and dark energy around you is slowly being washed down by the water, starting from the top of your head and off your whole body like a dark ring and let it fall to the floor and visualize it being washed away into the drain. And while you are doing it, pray three times in your own religious belief with the intention of clearing your aura.

She took my advice and went to have the shower straight away. I was amazed when she came back smiling 15 minutes later, looking bright and healthy and she told me she was feeling as good as new. I started to think that if it works on her, perhaps I could also try it on myself to see what would happen. So I took my shower and did the same as what I suggested to her. I noticed that when I opened my eyes, the bathroom seemed a lot brighter then and I straight away felt happy and peaceful.

I had to go out for a women’s lunch that day and had promised one of my friends that I would pick her up on the way. When I got to her house, she was still busy doing something, sitting on her living room floor. When she glanced up at me, her first comment was: “You look bright and pretty!”

It felt really weird to me that her first comment was the word bright. I had a really great time at the luncheon that day; everyone seemed to be much friendlier and I felt I could joke and chat with the other ladies much more light heartedly. I have done this aura clearing on myself every day every since and it keeps me feeling more positive and peaceful in my daily life.

As our aura can extend quite far from us, after I have gone to crowded places I always clean my aura afterwards using the above method. When we are in crowded places, our aura touches others’ and if their aura happens to be negative, some of that negativity stays in our aura field and brings a feeling of sadness irritation for no apparent reason. It’s like the chicken and egg – which came first? When we unconsciously dwell in negative thinking, our mood becomes negative; hence our aura becomes negative. The opposite happens, too. When our aura becomes negative, it also creates negative feelings in us.

I have noticed that “like attracts like.” When our aura is negative, it attracts negative people or negative situations into our lives, and vice versa. When we let ourselves unconsciously dwell in negative thinking or self-pity and our aura becomes dull and dark, it attracts negative happenings into our lives. A lot of us don’t realize this attraction and we wonder why bad things seem to continuously happen to us. It sometimes feels like we have fallen from a ladder and to make it worse, a can of paint and the ladder also fall on top of us. And why happy people seem to continuously experience good things happening in their lives.

If you feel that negative things keeps happening in your life – or just for curiosity – perhaps you might like to try clearing your aura and see how it affects you.

Till next week, love and light.

Lydia Wilson is a transpersonal hypnotherapist and trainer based in Kerobokan, Bali. If you have a question you would like answered in this column, write to Lydia at For more go to

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