Creating Prosperity in Your Life – Part 2

Creating Prosperity in Your Life – Part 2

By Lydia Wilson
For The Bali Times

KEROBOKAN ~ Creating prosperity in our lives is about manifesting all the wonderful things that help make our lives more meaningful and fulfilled. It is about creating abundances of health, wealth, wonderful friendships, loving relationships and, most importantly, it is also about having the time to enjoy them all.

Know what you want or decide what you want. Start by writing down what you wish to have in your life. Buy yourself a nice book, a special book, that you can make into your wishing book.

On the first page write down: I surrender myself to the greater power of the Universe. I trust all my wishes are being granted in Divine timing with the highest good for all concerned.

On the second page write down: My general list: Write a list of all the things that you wish to manifest in your life on this page, such as your house, career or business, friends, family, car, health, wealth, etc. Write them down as if you already have them. It is important that you write them all in the present tense. The subconscious does not recognize the future; time is always now. So instead of “I want to have a five-bedroom house,” write it as “I have a five-bedroom house.” I have many great friends; I have a healthy body; I have a new, exciting career, etc. Leave two pages blank in case you wish to add some more later.

On the fifth page, start writing down the descriptions of the first subject on your list in detail. The more details you put on your list, the clearer the picture in your mind will be. Write down all the details of each subject from your general list separately. Leave a few pages blank for each of them, for you may want to add more details later on.

For example:

My house: I am living in my own new home. It is bright and airy. My kitchen has modern, white cabinets. It has a kidney-shaped swimming pool. It has five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. It has a powder room for guests next to the living room. It has a large dining room with a dining table for eight people. The dining room is made of Chinese rosewood. The garden is big with many fruit trees.

My health: I have a healthy body. I have a healthy mind. My blood pressure is normal. My immune system is high. My vision is 20/20. My body is full of energy.

My career: I have a new, exciting job as marketing director in a big company. I have balanced time for work and my family. I love my job. I earn more than enough to live comfortably. I have my own office. I have an efficient secretary.

My friends: I have many loving and caring friends. I accept them the way they are. They accept me the way I am. We share many great times together.

When you have a clear picture in your mind of what you wish to have, you can then start visualizing them daily, as often as you possibly can. See yourself in it. Feel the feeling of you being there. The stronger the feeling, the sooner it will manifest.

There are important rules that you need to remember:

1. Be excited but be detached. Do not wait for it to happen; surrender and have faith. Trust that it will happen according to Divine timing.

2. The more desperate you are for it to happen, the more it will not happen. Desperation comes from doubt.

Doubt prevents you from manifesting what you wish for. How do we change our doubt into faith? Through repetitive affirmation and visualization. Sooner or later you will find faith.

About seven years ago, I was alone in my study playing solitaire with a pack of cards and while I was shuffling them, without thinking I picked one card out of the pack and said to myself that this card was a queen of hearts and when I opened it, it was. I picked a second and a third card and I guessed them right, too. It was then that I started to logically think that it couldn’t be and I thought I should try it again and of course none was right. I mentioned this to a friend and he said the odds of getting the first card right was 52 to 1. And to get it right the second in a row was 52 times 51, which is 2,652 to 1; to get the third one right in a row was 52 times 51 times 50, which is a 132,000-to-1 chance. This has nothing to do with creating what we wish for, but it shows what our mind is capable of when we do not have doubt.

3.Be open to receiving when the opportunity arises. Do not let fear of the unknown stop you from achieving your dreams.

When I was running an artificial-flower business in Singapore, one of my sisters, who lived in Jakarta, came to see me. She was working for an insurance company. When she saw my flowers, she passionately told me that it had been her childhood dream to open a flower shop of her own. So I asked her what stopped her from doing it. She gave me some excuses, which were mainly from her fears of being tied down to the shop and not really knowing how to do it.

I told her she could get someone she trusted to run the shop and I would teach her about the business and supply her with the flowers. She was excited and said that she’d think about it. A week later she called me on the phone that out of the blue an old man whom she didn’t know passed by her house and upon seeing her, he approached her and told her that he had an empty shop that was two minutes away from her house, and he would like to rent it.

He said it was only Rp7 million a year and would be a good place for a clothes or flower shop and he would accept a year’s lease as he really need the money, and soon.

When I asked her if she had taken it, she said she hadn’t and she told me that she didn’t want to commit herself to the shop. Even though she didn’t enjoy her job at the insurance company, the money was good and she preferred to keep it rather than starting a new business that she wasn’t sure about.

It was clear to me that even though the opportunity came straight away for her when she rekindled her passion for the flower shop, it was up to her to whether she would take it or not.

Till next week, love and light.

Lydia Wilson is a transpersonal hypnotherapist and trainer based in Kerobokan, Bali. If you have a question you would like answered in this column, write to Lydia at For more go to

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