The Journey to Be Whole

The Journey to Be Whole

By Lydia Wilson
For the Bali Times

KEROBOKAN ~ I was invited to write this column by the managing editor of this newspaper and I am truly grateful to be able to share with you what I have learned in the past 10 years in my work as a transpersonal hypnotherapist – that it may help us all to grow in our spiritual journey to be whole.

The word transpersonal means the crossing of mind, body and spirit. It assumes that humans operate on all three levels, or that the mind, body and spirit of an individual affect each other. A transpersonal hypnotherapist believes that complete healing takes place when this basic human trinity is correctly balanced.

Having come across so many clients with so many different concerns – whether they are recurring physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues – I have found that the most effective way of assisting them in immediately overcoming their issues is to help them find from within their own subconscious mind what the root causes of their present concerns are.

In these journeys of healing, I found that each individual has their own stories. They are unique and special. I have learned how wonderful and powerful our human mind is. I can be quite a skeptic, but by keeping an open mind, through them I discovered so many exciting and often wonderful things that are sometimes beyond the capability of my logical mind to accept – but who am I to judge?

Whether we wish to believe it or not, for each of my clients, I respect them and their stories are their truth. For as long as healing takes place, then the goal is reached.

For example, nine years ago, a 37-year-old client who had been suffering from asthma since he was a baby came to me. In the session, I asked him to regress to the root cause of it. He went back to a past life where he was a woman living in Africa; he saw her die from being clawed by a lion on her chest and died on the spot. Seeing it and releasing the trauma of that incident, his asthma was completely cured. I met him six months later and he told me he was healthy and happy that his asthma had gone right then during the session.

From my best teachers, who are the hundreds of clients to whom I feel most grateful for their trust in me in letting me assist them in their healing journey and taught me so much about how wonderful our human mind is, I learned that most physical ailments, such as diseases, aches and pains, are caused by our negative mind. When we let ourselves unconsciously dwell in the negative – which is usually in the form of self-pity or feeling sorry for ourselves – for a long period of time, automatically our body will become very weak, our immune system will go down and we will get sick easily. Or it could also create tension in our muscles and nerves and these create the aches and pain in our body.

Our mind tends to stay negative because of the repressed negative feelings that we have been unable to express in connection to our fears of the consequences if we did. Feelings are energy that needs to be expressed. Repressed feelings are like a virus in a computer; it creates havoc in the running of the whole system. In us, it becomes our push buttons. When our button is pushed, we will feel the energy of negative feelings, such as anger or sadness or guilt and so on, rising up in the form of a feeling of heaviness and tightness in our stomach, chest, abdomen, head or throat area. When we have so much of this, we start feeling depressed, have prolonged tiredness and lack energy, motivation and goals. Oftentimes we feel we don’t have reason to live anymore. If we let it keep piling up without releasing it, the pressure becomes so great – just like a boiler without a valve to release the steam, ready to explode. When it happens, there are two ways that it occurs: it can explode and come out in a destructive w
ay, such as violently hurting others or hurting ourselves by being suicidal, or it can implode, which manifests in serious illnesses in our physical body.

My clients have also taught me the spiritual connection that we are spiritual beings living here in this life to learn what true, unconditional love is. But what is love? Love is indescribable. It is only an empty word unless you feel it. In order for us to truly know what love is, we need to know its opposite, which is fear. All negative feelings are based on fear. Through fear we know what it feels to hate, to feel anger, guilt, sadness, shame, disappointed, envy, jealousy, apathy and all sorts of other negative emotions.

Through overcoming these many aspects of fears, we then know the many aspects of what love feels like. It is usually an indescribable fluttering feeling of warmth and lightness in our chest area. It feels like a total acceptance of others, just the way they are, without expectation of them to change to what we wish them to be. There are as many kinds of love feelings as there are kinds of fish in the sea.

Perhaps you would like to try this: Close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing for about two minutes, until you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful. And now think of someone or something that you truly love, and feel the feeling. Where would you say this feeling is situated in your body? What is its shape? What is its color? Is it moving or is it solid? What is the temperature of this feeling? What would you say the emotion of this feeling is? How does your body feel when you are feeling it? Describe it and write it down. Now think of someone or something else that you love; feel it again in your body. Describe it and write them down again. And think of someone you don’t like; describe it again. Do as many as you wish.

When you have done this, compare them. You will notice that for each individual or each thing you were thinking of, there would be different characteristics in the feeling in your body. Negative feelings are usually tight and heavy, dark in colour and solid.

Before I end this first in a series of articles, I would like to suggest to you for now that whenever you are feeling negative, create a valve and release it. One of the most constructive and effective ways of releasing your pent-up feelings is to: Close your eyes and focus your attention on the tightness that you feel within your body. Now take a deep breath and bring this tightness feeling to your throat and blow it out hard through your mouth. Continue doing this until the tightness is completely cleared. You will surely find that within one or two minutes of doing this, you will feel so much better afterwards.

For next week I would like to share with you the subject of true forgiveness that helps us find the lightness of being, that releases us from our painful past.

Till then, with love and light.

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