You Have the Power to Change Your Life

You Have the Power to Change Your Life

By Lydia Wilson
For the Bali Times

KEROBOKAN ~ I would like to share with you how we can change our negative imprints so that we may achieve our highest potential. The more positive imprints we have, the better our life will be. It is so much easier to achieve successes in our chosen career or in our relationships with others when we believe in ourselves.

The most common method people use to change themselves is by trying to change their attitude and behavior using their willpower. This can be a very slow process which might take years to do and a lot of times is a losing battle. It is because when there is a fight between our will power (conscious mind) and our feeling (subconscious mind), our feelings always win. It happens because our subconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind.

This is why dieting is so hard to do. Perhaps the imprint is “food makes me feel good.” When we try to fight this feeling with our willpower, it feels like the more we try not to eat the more stressed we become and in the end we usually give up and eat the food anyway.

Rather than having to keep struggling with the losing battles, changing old imprints or creating new positive imprints by self-hypnosis is one of the easiest ways to go about it.

As repetition is one of the ways that an imprint is created, we can also change it by giving our subconscious repetitive positive message or affirmation that creates positive imprints in us. Sooner or later, once the message is accepted as true, it will bypass our critical filter and become our new imprint. How fast the changes take place depends on how often you do the exercise.

If you wish for an immediate change, think of your goal, create the affirmation and give yourself this positive message repeatedly at least 10 times in the morning while you are still in bed and 10 times in bed at night before you sleep. Your brain wave is in the alpha level at these times.

Besides the affirmation, create an image of what your goal would look and feel like. Visualize it as if you already have it and feel the feeling. The stronger the feeling the faster the change will take place. If you do this continuously, you will find that within 11 to 15 days the changes will have taken place.

You will often find that when you start to give yourself positive affirmations, you will get negative responses in your mind. A lot of people give up at this point because they start to think it’s true that it is impossible. However these negative responses are natural. It only shows you that your subconscious does not yet believe the positive message as true and reacts by giving you negative responses.

By persistently continuing to repeat the affirmation, in a few days you will find that the responses will become a mix of positive and negative. If you continue, in a few more days you will find that there will only be positive responses. Even though you have already got the all positive responses, continue the affirmation for at least five more days until the new imprint is deeply embedded within your subconscious.

To make an effective affirmation for the desirable outcome, there are some important keys that you need to keep in mind.

Use only positive words. Aim for a desirable result, not an undesirable potential. It’s important that you use positive words, which create positive imagse. Instead of “I won’t be angry,” which creates an image of you being angry in your mind, it’s best if you say “I feel calm and serene,” which creates an image of you feeling calm and serene.

Use the present tense or present progressive. For the subconscious, time is always now. So instead of saying “I will be great at golf,” say: “I am great at golf” or “Every day in every way I am getting greater and greater at golf.”

Be as specific as possible and be detailed. Do one goal at a time. Use simple and easy language. The subconscious takes things literally.

Exaggerate and emotionalize it. As our subconscious is the feeling part of us, the stronger the emotion that you create, the better it will be. Use adjectives such as “fantastically, wonderfully, delightfully, completely, profoundly.”

Use universal and personal metaphoric images. “I feel calm and serene like an eagle gliding in the clear blue sky. This metaphoric image creates a stronger feeling that your subconscious can easily associate with.

In 1996, while we were living in Singapore, we were given a huge company house. As fresh flowers were very expensive there and I always feel sad when I see a beautiful arrangement wilting after a few days, I thought I would try to find some really good-quality artificial silk flowers that looked real.

After going around the city for days, in the end I found some places where they sold them.

Seeing how beautiful they were, I decided to start a business selling them. Having had no proper training in floral design nor knowing much about it except from books, my first attempt at making an arrangement took many hours. It was a slow process of continuously putting in and pulling them out again as the finished product just didn’t look right. My husband’s joking comment then was, “You spent so much time making them that you would earn more money working at McDonald’s than by selling your product.” And he was right.

Having learned how to do self-hypnosis, I then created this positive affirmation to change my imprint: “I express my talent in floral design effectively and perfectly.”

I repeated this message at least 10 times each morning and night and at the same time I imagined myself doing the flower arrangement happily and with ease. The first three days the response that came to my mind after saying each affirmation was completely negative – i.e. “impossible” or “no way.” However on the fourth to the sixth day, the responses were a mix of positive and negative. By the seventh day it was all positive. On the eighth day, I started to make the flower arrangements again and to my absolute delight, I was feeling at ease with it and I did a beautiful arrangement in less than half an hour. My instinct seemed to know what kind of flowers to use, what color, how long the stems should be and where to place them.

I kept the affirmation going for four more days, and by then I felt like a professional floral designer. I created so many different arrangements since and they were sold as soon as I made them.

I hope this article may inspire you to do this self-hypnosis technique to change any negative imprints that you may prevent you from achieving your goals and your highest potential.

You have the unlimited power within you to change your life.

Today I received an email from someone who asked me how to let go of persistent self-pity that caused a lot of grief. I will share with you what I know on this subject next week.

Till then, love and light.

Lydia Wilson is a transpersonal hypnotherapist and trainer based in Kerobokan, Bali. If you have a question you would like answered in this column, write to Lydia at For more go to

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