Bali Becomes “Unfriendly” to Australian Tourists?

Bali Becomes “Unfriendly” to Australian Tourists?

In the last six months the area of Bali seemed unfriendly to Australian tourists. There are two residents of The Kangaroo Country found died mysteriously and the other two were victims of theft and violence.

The first case happened to Danielle Enid North (33), a woman from Australia who was found died in the swimming pool of Pondok Villa resident, Batu Beliq, NorthKuta on Sunday (30/12/2012). Her family didn’t give permission to do autopsy and until now the Police don’t know exactly the cause of her death.

The second case was several days after the first one, Paul Gill, who was spending his holiday in Bali with his family, was dying because he was stabbed by robbers getting into his villa at Gang Bisma, Brawa Beach, Canggu, North Kuta, on Friday (4/1).

After having intensive care at Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) Hospital, the forty two years old man could be saved.

The third case is the death of Linda Margareth Chilver (54) on Wednesday (10/4).

The woman from Victoria, Melbourne, was found died lying down at Uluwatu Street, South Kuta. The forensic team of RSUP Sanglah just finished carrying out autopsy on her body on Thursday (25/4) and they found wounds in brain, head, back and chest.

Until now the Police can’t conclude the cause of the death and their temporary allegation is that it’s a traffic accident.

The last case happened to LK Taylor (28), an Australian tourist is a victim of rape and robbery at Villa Dumais Room Number 3, Jalan Bumbak No 189, North Kuta district, in Badung Regency, on Saturday (27/4). Police suspected that people doing the robbery and rape is the “old” actors.

Until now the case is still a mystery that isn’t solved and becomes a hard task for Police to uncover it.

Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika had instructed the villa owners to improve security by preparing security staffs and registered, but up to today there are many of them who are disobedient.

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