Bali is Confident To Reduce Import Meat Dependence

Bali is Confident To Reduce Import Meat Dependence

Husbandry and Animal Health Department Bali Province belives that with intensive treatment, it will increase the quality of Bali beef so that it is the same as import meat.

According to the official of Husbandry Department, Bali beef is tougher than the imported one because its treatment is different.

In the western countries, cows cultivation is generally in a large-scale with feed provision and intensive treatment. Whereas in Bali and Indonesia in general cultivate cows in a small scale and it is freely released with irregular feeds and different mixture of feed provided.

Although Bali beef has tougher texture, its taste is more aromatic.

After it is processed with accurate technology and the farmers’ habit is changed, local meat also can compete imported products that enter Bali for demands of hotels, restaurants, and industry, meanwhile imported beef can’t be sold in the traditional market.

The demand of import beef in Bali is quite varied. In 2012 was about 1.100 tons and the largest imports was 2.000 tons in a year.

If the demand from hotels and restaurants increases, supported by good technology and acceptance from tourism industry, maybe there is no boundary between islands for beef transfer.

Furthermore, there is possibility that beef imports to Bali will be reduced because the local products replace the imported ones.

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