Citizens Awareness about HIV/AIDS are Still Low

Citizens Awareness about HIV/AIDS are Still Low

Awareness of citizens and community groups who have a high risk of contacting with HIV and AIDS are still low for a health check.

Though the government has provided “Voluntary Counseling and Testing” (VCT) services across a number of hospitals and health centers in the province of Bali, the amount of people is still small.

Therefore socialization related to the presence of HIV / AIDS should be done through schools and civil society organizations and NGOs concerned with AIDS on the island.

The presence of HIV / AIDS as “iceberg phenomenon”, meaning that the surface is very little visible or recorded with HIV, but actually in the possibility of more people than the data published by health authorities and NGOs concerned with AIDS.

Andrology and Sexology expert from Udayana University Prof Dr Wimpie Pangkahila advise people to do voluntary health counseling to prevent transmission of diseases such as the spread of a virus that attacks the immune system through HIV/AIDS.

The earlier discovery of a viral illness “Human Immunodeficiency Virus / aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (HIV / AIDS)”, the medical treatment can be done immediately.

According to him, now people have started an urge to check themselves into some HIV counseling clinic, although awareness of it still has not increased significantly judged.

It is now beginning to emerge. There are a few people who voluntarily checked himself, but it’s still lacking consciousness.

He considered that although the spread of HIV / AIDS is closely related to sexual behavior, but experts dismissed the charge of sexual health if all heterosexual or homosexual is a source of HIV / AIDS.

Not that heterosexual and homosexual connotations HIV directly, if they are healthy then it is not likely to transmit the virus.

He stressed that people keep their sex lives to be faithful to one partner to be secure and protected from diseases, that until now has no cure.

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