Indonesian Army Praised for Transparency

Indonesian Army Praised for Transparency

Ten days after the shocking raid at Cebongan penitentiary by armed masked men who killed for detainees, the Indonesian Army (TNI)’s investigation team announced the identities of the attackers to the public.

“The attack was carried out by members of the army, in this case members of the Indonesian Army’s special forces Kopassus Group 3 Kartosuro,” the chief of army investigators for the case, Brigadier General Unggul K Yudhoyono, said.

Eleven members of Kopassus were involved in the raid at the Cebongan penitentiary, and one of them acted as the executor, eight others as supporters, while two others had actually tried to prevent the attack, he said.

“The executor is known by his initial as U. Nine of them are non-commissioned and enlisted officers,” he said, adding that the 11 officers admitted they were involved in the crime.

“The perpetrators are ready to take the responsibility of their action and we will conduct a thorough investigation,” he stated.

He explained that the attack was done spontaneously on March 23, 2013 in response to the killing of Kopassus member chief sergeant Heru Santoso at Hugo’s Cafe on March 19 and an attack on former Kopassus member first sergeant Sriyono by the four thugs.

For killing chief sergeant Santoso and injuring first sergeant Sriyono, the four thugs had been arrested and detained by the police, at the prison which was later raided by the masked men.

Three institutions, namely the police, the military and the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) have investigated incident.

Since the army’s investigation team was set up on March 29, 2013, the investigators had visited several places including the penitentiary, the Yogyakarta Military Command and the Kopassus Group II headquarters in Karang Menjangan, Solo, and questioned at least 25 people.

Komnas HAM, which considers the attack as a serious human rights violation, has not announced the result of its investigation.

Following the announcement of the results of the army’s investigation, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian Army’s team for making progress in their work.

The head of sate continuously supports transparent investigation and said those conducting the attack must be punished, according to Daniel Sparingga, the president’s special staff in charge of political communication in an e-mailed message on April 5, 2013.

The president encouraged the law enforcement process and emphasized that the rule of law must be respected, he added.

“No one should be immune to law in this country,” Sparingga said quoting the president.

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