No More Child Marriage

No More Child Marriage

The fate of a fourteen years old Balinese girl, NJA, is so tragic. The girl who is from Bangli was deceived by Wayan Cidra (40) so they were involved in a sexual intercourse. Although finally she married to the man, the law process is still unclear.

Hopefully, that condition is not happened to other children in Bali. For that reason, related parties now is investigating the case that had caused child marriage.

Whatever the reason is, sexual contact to a child is not accepted.

Although the accused person finally married the victim with hope that he could escape from law, his action still violated the regulation.

His action not only violated law, psychologically it also aroused parents’ anxiety on their children safety as well as destroyed the victim’s future.

Although they did the sexual contact based on love, the action was considered wrong by law.

Based on Marriage Regulation, it is clearly stated that the minimal age for a girl to marry is sixteen years old.

Whereas, on Article 81 Point 2 UU No. 23 2002 about Child Protection, it is stated that for someone who plays trick to a child on purpose, or persuade a child to have intercourse, he will be sentenced maximum 15 years in prison.

Psychologically, a child is still labile and immature in terms of sexual growth so they could be easily manipulated by adults.

Adults should be responsible to protect children from any types of physical and sexual violence.

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  1. Tanner says:

    For girls to marry Legal age set at 18-yrs, if she marries at 18 n above it’s legal. If she had sex before reaching 18-yrs, it’s crime (we are talking marriage a holly relationship). Now, almost everyone knows that Saturday/Sunday nights (minimum) at least 60% of bali disco’s, night clubs, beaches n streets become supermarket for under 18-yrs flesh business n without any pimp interference these babies themselves offer, negotiate n accompany clients. Question arises than who’s victim these young girls or man? And if instead paying for one night, man offers/girl accepts to become wife, which part is evil, marrying or just one night stand? Natural Sexual maturity must not to be mixed with unrealistic laws. Think about it!

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