1,2 Tons of Balinese Mangosteen Held in China

1,2 Tons of Balinese Mangosteen Held in China


About 1,2 tons of mangosteen exported from Bali still terminated in China and couldn’t be sold in that country because it contains chemical over the acceptable limit so it is considered dangerous for human health.

“Until now the fruits are terminated in China, we don’t know yet how it will be, whether it will be returned or not,” Head of Foreign Trade Unit of Industry and Trade Department Bali, I Made Swastika said in Denpasar.

According to him, the Balinese mangosteens were exported to China in the middle of December 2012. However, when it was processed in the quarantine bureau in China, it contains cadmium of 0,065 milligram per kilogram.

Swastika said that the government of China tolerates cadmium content in foods and fruits by 0,050 milligram per kilogram.

“Because its cadmium content is over the acceptable health limit, so the government of China ban mangosteen from Bali to enter the market,” he said.

He had gotten confirmation from the exporter company located in Tabanan regency that before the mangosteen was exported to China it was washed with chemical.

“They washed it because the mangosteens were surrounded by black ants, whereas the company don’t have many workers. Finally, they used chemical to wash it,” Swastika explained.

However, on the next shipment, the exporter had obeyed the regulation of China government by showing laboratory test certificate from quarantine bureau in Indonesia.

So far fruits from Bali exported to China is only mangosteen to fulfill the demand for people consumption and pharmacy industry. Evenmore, during January – November 2012, mangosteens exported from Bali to China were 2.512 tons valued US$ 1,99 millions.

“So, if 1,2 tons are terminated it has no meaning than the total amount of mangosteen exported during January- November 2012,” Swastika said.

Meanwhile, we asked for technical guidance of the terminated mangosteen in China, Head of Industry and Trading Department (Disperindag) Bali Ni Wayan Kusumawathi admitted that they have sent a letter to the General Directorate of Foreign Trading of Indonesia Trading Ministry.

“In the letter we ask for technical guidance of the mangosteen status that is still terminated in China. Accidentally, during five years exporting mangosteen to China, this is the first time they ban it,” she said.

She recognized the refusal from China government is not something done on purpose but it was the exporter’s mistake in dealing with technical problem before shipping that prominent commodity from Bali.

“Bali is known as a mangosteen producer. Mangosteen trees are spread all around Bali but the largest production is in Tabanan regency and Buleleng,” Kusumawathi said.

Previously, Disperindag Bali was given a chance by the Australian government to export pineapple and bananas to Darwin.

“But we cannot fulfill their demand since our production is not sufficient for export,” she added.

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