Attuning through Fengshui

Attuning through Fengshui

By S.BS. Surendran

Harnessing the natures energy and adapting it in our daily life in terms of interior, décor, dress and furnishing is the premise of good Feng Shui.  Feng shui tenets and principles are strictly based on space and time dimensions the introduction of symbolism in Fengshui is to counter, enhance or kill the negative chi.

Fengshui is not about merely placing Chinese artifacts or suspending chimes, crystals or placing fountains or aquariums. It is more to do with the ambience, environment and the feel of a place. Use of cures and symbols is no doubt an essential part of feng shui but one needs to ensure accurate corrections in a space prior to using the cures and this calls for great skills in aligning and putting the right things at the right place. This is possible when you understand your living space or if the space is seen from the point of view of a Feng Shui master.

Many would like to enhance the social life and maintain and host social parties at home. One could adapt fengshui to make the party more interesting and ensure every guest had a pleasant and memorable time. Round tables are preferred in Fengshui as they generate a very cordial atmosphere and no one is seated as the “boss” as in tables of other shapes but rectangular or square are just acceptable. Avoid placing chairs at the corners or edges of a square or rectangular table. Avoid seating directly facing a toilet door. If the house has a toilet door in the dining or drawing area, keep the door shut and curtain the toilet door or place a screen or divider to cover it. Also ensure that you do not place chairs directly facing the dining room door or beneath over head beams.

You could use up lit lights to lift the “chi” of the space and colored candles lit up on the dining table create auspicious chi. On the middle of the table or the buffet counter one could bring in the elements by placing a cauldron or glass bowl filled with water, petals and candles. The colored floating candles if allowed to shine and shimmer towards the roof creates extremely positive chi lifting the energy of the entire space and also creating a balance of perfect yin and yang. Even those guests who com in just to honor your invitation and who are burdened with their own day to day problems would thank you for lifting their sprits and making them feel good. Remember through fengshui one cold achieve a lot in all aspects of life and to put into practice the “feel good factor”, adapting the right fengshui is a must which is  not too difficult.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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