Balancing the Chi in your Home

Balancing the Chi in your Home

By S.BS. Surendran

The art of Feng Shui is all about creating a right balance and restoring the energy flow in a living environment or work place.

The creative design of a home or office is not just sufficient to enhance the possibilities of achieving success in our lives , as most often the most decorated and beautiful space could be the cause of many obstacles in our lives in terms of afflictions and depleted energies.

Every home and the occupants within are unique in terms of their life style, use of the space and design; hence energy of a space is exclusive to it and cannot be similar even if it is a duplex home or a twin home design. Hence the fundamental principle of Fengshui design is to create the right synchronicity between the building and the occupants. It also empowers the occupants in their actions and thoughts and strengthens the aura of the individual. The aura is the “invisible “light that surrounds every creature. The intensity of this light reflects the concentration of the person’s own inherent energy levels. The more yang you are as a person, the more powerful will be your aura. The more powerful your aura is, the more you will be able to attract people into your life – people who love you and are drawn to you. Your aura reflects your own magnetism, your personal power. . By seeing yourself this way, you will begin to see others in the same light. You will develop a love for others in the same unconditional way.

The use of Feng Shui adds a powerful dimension to the creation of the magnetic and attractive personality, it can both activate and energise your own inherent chi. Feng Shui can bring about an environment that is saturated with an air of auspicious energies. When Feng Shui is adapted correctly, it would magnify your personal power so considerably and strongly it will enhance your special magnetism. When we create active yang energy in the environment, the space becomes attractive and auspicious.

Empowering your main door if in the cardinal directions enhances the chi of the house:
* If your main door faces south, you could paint it deep maroon red or maybe shades of vermillion red or as a color splash to activate the South sector which is filled with yang energy.
* If your main door faces North, suspending a 6 rods all metal wind chime and the tinkling of the chimes would activate your social life as the metal chime strengthens the element water represented by North
* If your main door faces East, placing a single urn filled with water to the left of the door from inside would aid this direction.
* If your main door faces West or northwest placing ceramic or terracotta near the door would strengthen this direction as in the productive cycle of elements earth produces metal element which represents the two directions west and northwest.

Creating a right environment and a right frame of mind ensures that Feng Shui gets activated faster and better.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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