Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities

By S.BS. Surendran

Regardless of the size, shape and décor of a place one can always feel the energy of the space as you walk in and gives you an indication of the energy existing there. The décor feel, orientation and layout of your home, garden or business can have a major impact on your career, personal relationships, health and wealth.

Adapting the science of Feng Shui one can create a better place of dwelling and enhance the prospects of business and relationship through proper arrangement and alignment. Fengshui is all about energy levels and alignment of our environment. With a positive frame of mind and the seed of the happiness within us, one could generate a lot more peaceful and conducive environment which strengthens the Fengshui of the place of dwelling. A timely introspection or meditation would make us look deep inside and generate the serenity and calmness to make us happy deep within us.

When the energy of the building matches with the energy of the occupants, it creates a sense of security and confidence. Our body responds and contains energy or “chi” that is sensitive to our surroundings.  Likewise, a building’s form, structure and interior layout reflect the energies that it embodies.

Following the basic rules of Feng Shui one can greatly enhance lifestyle, prosperity and wellness whereas ignoring its principles can generate bad energy, create obstacles and stagnation in various aspects of our daily life.

To ensure that we move ahead in all our pursuits with confidence and strength, we primarily need a sense of support and connection with the building and more specifically the room in which we spend more time, especially the bedroom. This has been found to be particularly important for young minds and hearts hence a child’s room should be designed to support the occupants both within the context of the family and as an individual.

The general guidelines to enhance the support of the home would be to focus on the living room and bedroom sectors.
• Create a balance in terms of décor and furnishings in the living area.
• Display flowers and have floral arrangements especially at the East sector of the living to aid you with growth energy.
• Place pleasing artifacts and décor like statues, collection of crystals, gemstones, colored candles and water feature in the living areas would be helpful.
• Having natural quartz or amethyst rocks facing the main door or in the bedroom close to the bed will empower the space.
• Maintaining a balance in the bedroom with colors and décor which are pleasing and not too bright would help in creating a healthy space.
• Display wall hangings which simulate sense of serenity and happiness and avoid décor which depict wild life, arms, and memories of the past which stimulate sadness in you.
• Avoid too much direct light or bright lights in bedroom which can warm up the room and have an impact on your sleep.

Adapting some basic guidelines will most certainly enhance the energy flow and “new things to come into your lives’ as Feng Shui enhances such opportunities when the mind, body and soul are fine tuned to imbue the renewed energy of your space.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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