Feng Shui for Matriarch

Feng Shui for Matriarch

By S.BS. Surendran

Feng Shui the Ancient Chinese Art of space design has the same basis and the most important factor is to bring in what is known as “Life force” or “chi’ energy into premises which empowers then occupants with positive feel.

Feng Shui has been adjusting the environment for thousands of years by adding or subtracting items from the environment to create smoother and harmonious energy. It uses the basics of Oriental Medicine, colors and the Five Elements to adjust the energy, not just at house or workplace, but on the human body as well

The basis of Feng Shui is the interaction of the five elements, the energy due to the individual element and the interaction of the elements. Although all the elements are of equal importance and great significance hence a proper balance is the key to harmonizing a space.

Homes have subtle intangible energy caused by influences such as the inner spirit of the home. When this energy becomes negative, sick, and stagnant or stale, it brings in misfortunes, obstacles and problems. The negative chi creates obstacles that impede harmonious flow of energy.

In Feng Shui earth sectors relate to the northeast, Southwest and the centre. Northeast representing knowledge and literary skills and southwest relating to Matriarch, Relationships and marriage are equally important sectors of a home. These sectors can be activated with earth elements like faceted crystals and gem stones. The productive cycle of the five element theory also recommends using “fire” in these sectors which produce “earth”. In other words placing bright lights or even crystal chandeliers are good Feng Shui enhancers unless the Fengshui consultations determines that the orientation of the plots and the compass directions of the main doors are not favorable for  such placements.

Placing chinaware, terracotta or having earthly colors or fire element motifs and decor in the earth sectors are also auspicious Feng Shui enhancers but placing live plants in these sectors is bad Feng Shui as wood weakens the earth sectors.

In the year 2012, the energy of the Southwest sector is said to generate arguments and quarrel as per Fengshui analysis and it also has a strong impact on the older women of the home and mother, hence protecting this sector with ample care would help. Placing a red décor or red candles at SW corner of the living room and bedrooms, or a décor in red and gold would counter the ill effects. The Southwest sector which also represents the matriarch would be well protected through symbolic remedies in the yuear 2012 to ensure that the mother enjoys a good year ahead.

On the basis of the elements human beings can be classified in to the five elements. Earthy people are, therefore, cautious, premeditative, conventional and dependable. They live by a practical, common-sense code and seek physical well being rather than spiritual enlightenment, or to rise high. The expression “down to earth” sums them up. They are responsible, methodical, and concerned with detail. Earth types are successful business people in the sense that they can stably maintain things.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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