Feng Shui to Cut the Flab

Feng Shui to Cut the Flab

By S.BS. Surendran

Adapting simple Feng Shui tips could be beneficial in aiding your pursuits for a weight loss program or to shed the extra flab which you wish you could do away with. At times all your earnest efforts in losing weight may not help and Feng Shui studies have shown that the immediate environment has a strong impact on the person and its mind which kills the motivation .After all looking healthy is most definitely a way to announce your arrival when you walk into a place of work or even a party.

Looking fit, slim and getting into stylish attires is what many would love to do, but they shy away as they realize that they are not in shape and need to shed the extra weight before they get into such attires. How can Feng Shui assist you in being determined and focused to ensure that your weighing scales show the weight reduction you dream of?

If you are following all the rules, doing rigorous work outs and weight loss programs, and yet your weighing scales do not show any changes, then Feng Shui advises you to look for clues around your dining areas which will motivate you to stick to the diet.

One way to influence your quantum of intake of food is by hanging a mirror in the dining area and as many women would agree, looking at yourself in a mirror can motivate you to adhere to the weight loss program. Research in some of the leading Universities has shown that those who consumed food in front of the mirror ate up to almost 32 per cent less fat. This makes the cravings inside you for food, vanish which in turn enables you to balance the intake.

Eating slowly is another way to curtail intake of more food. As studies have shown that when you eat slowly you tend to eat less.  Placing a “ticking clock” near the place where you eat is the trick. The repetitive sound which is a measured frequency of the clock ticking creates a relaxed and slow chewing pace. It’s simple, by eating slowly and with the rhythmic sound of the clock ticking, you give the brain a chance to catch up with your stomach and register “I feel full” sensation before you go for the next serving and you will “feel full faster”.

Feng Shui always recommends a warm red and earthly color for the dining areas to enhance the appetite, however if you are desperately wanting to “turn off your hunger” you can make the changes in the dining table décor by adding a black table runner or try out black china ware food plates. The color black absorbs energy hence it subdues your senses and turns off your appetite. Colors predominantly in shades of blue or green are also said to curb the appetite, and are also known as healing feng shui color.

Look around the kitchen and check for clutter and untidy areas. Prior to your meal, clear up the kitchen clutter and wipe down the kitchen counters. Clutter is “work pending “to be cleared and this represents yet another “to-do” and drains your energy and determination to eat properly. It has been observed that untidiness is always linked to clumsiness and even over eating. The smallest effort to clean up your kitchen and clearing the trash can make you stay focused and stick to your diet by fuelling the feeling of “I can do it”.  A simple approach in Feng Shui to enhance your determination by de-cluttering.

Feng Shui can assist you to make you progress towards appearing fit and shed the extra flab by creating the right environment which in turn makes you determined and focused. Feng Shui by itself cannot activate or replace your existing diet or weight loss program but can be additional tool to enhance your efforts.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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