Fengshui and Northeast Sector

Fengshui and Northeast Sector

By S.BS. Surendran

Fengshui, Chinese medicine (acupuncture), Taichi, Chinese astrology (phat chee), Chinese calligraphy and music are all part of the Chinese tradition and the aim is to create the right balance within the individual and in his place of dwelling. These are the five great holistic sciences which are completely interconnected and in totality form a comprehensive remedial field to convert an individual’s journey of pain and struggle into harmony and rhythm.

Many wish to adapt Fengshui or Vaastu in their homes but quite often they are confused and have their minds filled with many questions like whether they need to go for it now or later, will it work, does it call for renovation and structural changes, will it fit my pocket and do I really need to follow or stay away. These sort of mixed feelings generated within and individual is not uncommon hence the most appropriate thing would be to follow your instincts, imagine the changes you wish to bring into your life and place of dwelling.  Feel positive about what you wish for in your life and compare with what you currently possess. It’s not advisable to adapt Vaastu or Fengshui with a pinch of salt or skepticism as you are implanting the kind of energy you have in your thoughts and create an obstacle and you will for sure not see the desired results.

A structure contributes towards the prosperity of its occupants and most importantly, everything that happens in nature has a direct effect on the life of human. The cosmic rays from the sun, moon and other planets also have an effect on human body and research has shown that we respond and react accordingly. It was also found by the ancients that time period changes through the day had an effect on the human mind and body which in turn stimulated a corresponding activity.

Buildings were designed and oriented with various components to harmonize the movement of the sun and daily human cycle according to the rotation of the earth and the position of the sun through the days. The 24 hours in a day was divided into eight parts, representing the eight cardinal directions and the nature of each activity in a building reflected the quality of each compass direction. It was observed that Houses that were not properly aligned or had no sense of orientation, gave rise to restlessness, misfortune, and sickness.
• Take care to design the house such that it allows ample sunlight and cross ventilation in the Northeast sectors to enhance the bio cosmic fields.
• Avoid keeping a mop, broomstick or trash can in this sector as this would pollute the positive energy flowing through this sector.
• Most importantly positioning toilets in the Northeast sector is a serious affliction as this would deprive the building from positive bio-cosmic forces and cause immense ill effects to the occupants.
• Activate the Northeast sector with earthen ware and crystals as it helps in activating education luck, literary pursuits and scholarly skills.

Understanding the cause and effect of the environment, compass direction and benefits of each of the sectors in a property ensures that the house and its occupants are healthy, happy and prosperous and in harmony with the nature’s forces.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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