Harnessing the Natures Forces

Harnessing the Natures Forces

By S.BS. Surendran

The Art and science of feng shui is all about harnessing the nature’s energy and channelizing it into our place of dwelling keeping in mind the directions, elements and time period changes. In other words it is the art of spacing, positioning, planning and orienting not just the structure but even the furnishings to offer greater support to the occupants.

To understand the concept of Vaastu or Feng Shui we need to understand more about energy or ‘Chi”. Everything in the universe has an energy field unique to it, but influenced and linked in some way to everything else. Likewise everything has a “flow”, like a river that flows down the sea.

We as human beings when we are rightly positioned whether at home or at work can have both balance and harmony in our lives. Conversely when we are out of step, with these natural rhythms of the universe, our lives can be constant struggle, just like the boat going against the current.

Energy can be classified broadly as “Heaven’s Chi” which is the energy emanating from the planets and constellations – waxing and waning of the moon and “Man-made Chi” which could be those from Air conditioners electrical equipments, synthetic carpets, indoor fountains, plants or even open fire. If we were to release a small mouse in a room it would rapidly run hither and thither and you would observe that your heart would start beating a little faster due to anxiety and your energy would resonate with the small but intense energy field of the mouse, conversely if it was a tortoise which would be slow moving you would remain seated in your arm chair and watch him move slowly and relax.

One of the most important areas of the home or office is the entrance and the main door as this is the place where most energy enters and we tend to churn the energy by walking in and out through these doors be it home or office.

The “entrance to your world” is nothing but the area outside your Main door and your Main door itself this is also referred to as the “mouth of chi”. This door relates to your life path, vocation and is the most important door in your home. “Chi” can come through walls and percentage through windows but most comes through the main door.

The front door also relates to your relationship with the outside world. A main door should ideally be large and must be the largest door in the house and should not be broken or chipped or paint worn off. The door should be parallel to the wall when opened and open fully.

In many Condominiums/Apartments the main door is most often in line with a large picture window or balcony. In the science of Feng Shui it is said that energy rolling into the house will leave away swiftly through the window in line, hence placing some healthy plants staggered between the main door and the balcony or suspending metal wind chime close to the window or balcony can slow down the speeding energy.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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