Improving Property Business

Improving Property Business

By S.BS. Surendran

Real Estate investment is akin to investing in “pure gold”, always worth its value, appreciates over a period of time and one could say a very safe investment.

In the year of the Yin Water Snake – 2013, Real estate, mining And property business does get some relief and upward growth, hence this is the time for those in such business to utilize the favorable period.

Builders and Developers design apartments, home and condominiums not with the sole intention of reaping in big monetary gains but it also stands as a symbol of their craftsmanship, quality and satisfaction when well executed.

Business Performance can be enhanced by different methods such as unlocking value in company’s real estate assets and improving corporate performance.

The earth, its influence and the building biology needs to be considered in the selection of building sites and design of buildings. A basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Physics and chemistry point out that reduction of the geomagnetic background will have an impact on the necessary chemical processes needed for life. Certain locations exhibit relatively permanent magnetic distortions that have an effect on the occupants and surroundings.

For many of the builders and developers facing crisis, it’s time for introspection of your own premises and one could say “charity begins at home”. If your home ground is strong and well designed it can sustain the “rough weather” and business can bounce back soon.

Look at the design and layout of your office is it harmonious and is you feeling fresh and fine or do you get a feeling of stagnation?

Take a look at the following:
• Check your entrance especially the main door and look for afflictions.
• Remove clutter and unwanted materials
• Move the furniture and try to open the windows to allow fresh air and light in
• Complete cleaning of the carpet, furniture and light fitting would help
• Bring in life into your premises by adding healthy green indoor plant and small water features especially in the North and EAST SECTORS OF YOUR OFFICE/FOYER.
• Try to display information on your projects which are getting difficult to market towards Northwest sector of the office.
• Re-position key people in the office away from “danger nodes’ or bad energy spots which could defocus them.
• Do not have excessively large and over powering water features
• Install bright lights in the foyer and have more up lit lightings to boost the energy and “lift” your business prospects.

Building biology may still be a relatively obscure science, but by following these rules, you can help make your office more productive and supportive to your business especially when the market looks gloomy.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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