Power of Underwater Shells and Conch

Power of Underwater Shells and Conch

By S.BS. Surendran

The Art of Fengshui is to create a harmonious environment; hence using appropriate symbolisms helps in empowering our needs and desires to make it happen faster. Out of many Feng Shui symbols the natures gift is the wonderful sea shells and the conch shells.

Shells are very popular and most often when we visit seashores we either collect such sea shells or buy them as souvenirs. Conch shells or cowrie shell have a special meaning in Feng Shui and they are said to enhance the travel luck and also to strengthen long distance relationship.

The conch shell has survived as the original horn trumpet since ancient times and in some parts of Asia, especially India it has been depicted as an emblem of power, authority and sovereignty whose blast is believed to banish evil spirits, avert natural disasters, and scare away poisonous creatures.

The  Tibetan Buddhist practices uses it to announce and bring together everyone for religious assemblies and it is also used in ritualistic practices and worship not only as as a musical instrument but a container for  keeping the holy water.

In Feng Shui seashells represent a comfortable home and a feeling of contentment. They often invoke memories of childhood days at the beach. But more than that they represent the beautiful tropical paradise of our dreams where there is no stress, no worries, and lots of sunshine. Shells also represent protection, like a shield. They are a barrier between us, in our home, and the outside world.

Feng Shui tenets say that shells are useful to attract overseas business and relationship luck. They are also an excellent symbol for those who wish to have harmonious relationship with the rich and the famous. A nice large shell of at least 6-8 inches is more effective and when such shell is placed at the South sector of the living room, it enhances the good reputation and name of the occupant. It could also be placed in the southwest or the Northeast sectors of the living room to strengthen education and relationship luck.

Quite a few couples due to the work requirements live apart and they have a difficulty in communication and adapt commuting relationships. In such situations placing a conch shell at the Southwest corner of the bedroom enhances the opportunities for the couple to live together and create circumstances for the relationship to strengthen and blossom. A conch shell in the Southwest of the bedroom can also strengthen long distance relationship and create more time for the couples to spend time together.
• Place Smooth Shells in the kitchen to promote harmony, family and fun.
• Create a picture frame decorated with shells  to symbolizes good communication .
• For a stable career try placing a basket of shells on a table by the front door .
• Add shells to water fountains to protect and retain money as flowing water symbolizes wealth.
• Place Spiny shells on window sill To protect your house from bad energies  and bad luck.

Keeping a conch shell will in any case give great opportunities to enhance communications luck by virtue of which you will realize that the interaction improves with friends , improve networking luck, Promote import-export business too. Placing it at the south will promote fame and popularity in your work.

Now is the Time to go sea side to search for your personal charm through sea shells and conch to activate good Feng Shui in your life.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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