Recharge Your Space to bring in Good Luck

Recharge Your Space to bring in Good Luck

By S.BS. Surendran

Any space tends to develop stagnation in terms of energy flow unless it is aligned and changes carried to avoid accumulation of such stale energy.  Human body is quite sensitive to the environment and then changes, being aware of our surroundings and our décor in our home or office would help in ensuring stability.

In the present times, most of the homes have quite a lot of electronic equipments and devices which are no doubt making the life more comfortable but with it we also have the electromagnetic fields emanating which have a strong impact on the occupants. These electric fields are said to have a strong influence on our energy fields and aura surrounding us. The aura of a person is of immense significance to the person’s well being, especially good health, mental balance and therefore mental peace.  This aura is nothing but the “energy field” around a person, which may vary on a daily basis, depending on the person’s activity, mental state, immediate surroundings, including a person’s attire.

These collectively demonstrate our constant exposure to various energy fields and how these influence our space of dwelling as well as our aura. Therefore to counter the negative and ill effects of these strong energy fields, it is important to understand and take curative measures that can be found in the art and sciences of Vaastu and Feng Shui.
• Keeping the Northeast completely clean, clutter free and light is the fundamental principle and is mandatory in designing a home as per vaastu tenets. Having the land at the Northeast portion of the plot lower or depressed naturally or by creating garden space is of great importance to activate the bio-cosmic energies in this sector to further enhance the good luck of the property.
• De-clutter your place and give away things you may not require anymore. This is important as clutter can deplete the energy fields around you and the immediate environment.
• Plan complete cleaning (and cleansing) of your premises; look for areas which have been neglected and re-do furniture and bedroom if health has been of concern.
• In case you are experiencing negative vibes in your home with your family members, and your relationships has been affected, then wipe the floor with salt water for seven days and place a small bowl of crystal salt to absorb bad vibes which will prevent your aura from getting affected.
• One of the most common practices to ensure absorption of bad energy is to place a small glass bowl filled with water and put a drop of fresh green lemon into it. Placing this close to the main door entry will mitigate bad energy entering your main door and home.
• Hang some colorful decorations, bring in a new plant, and display auspicious symbols like the conch shell, or Om or even an elephant in the living room. Decorate the main entrance of your home and workplace.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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