Rejuvenating Your Place of Dwelling

Rejuvenating Your Place of Dwelling

By S.BS. Surendran

The process of controlling the movement of Chi was conceived during the emperor days. When Chi moves too quickly, it invites natural disasters like precipitous slopes that threaten avalanches in the winter or raging of rivers that overflow their banks in spring.

Energy known as “CHI” in Feng shui enters structures in a variety of ways. It can seep in through cracks or vents, it can rush in through large windows, and it can be generated within a room by electric lights, a fireplace or even merely an argument with tempers running high.

The surroundings and the environment have a great impact on our well being and frame of mind. Some places we visit make us feel restless and a urge to move away, yet some places have a feel of tranquility and calmness making you remain there for a time more than you would have envisaged. The environment we are living in can improve our well being by generating a good flow of energy in our homes and offices. The best way to achieve this is by arranging the five elements around us to where they belong.

The general recommendations for a house to sustain the good energy and enhance the luck are to re-charge or re-energize the space either by simply moving the furniture around, re-painting and re-furnishing or replacing the main door. For those who cannot follow any of these can still move out the stagnating energy by cleaning the space and moving the furniture.

The process of recharging the place to activate the energy and push away stagnation is very much part of the oriental system which is often referred to as “spring clean” or in other words “Annual cleaning”. This not only ensures systematic clearing of clutter but through Feng shui analysis one can also ascertain the direction which could have bad energy sources for the year and accordingly take precautions to counter them.

The process of annual cleansing ensures that afflictions created unknowingly over a the year can be countered and the Chinese zodiac afflictions which affect the individuals based on their personal date of birth is  also mitigated and in turn brings in positive energy and a new feel to the environment through subtle changes and empower specific aspirations for the year. Say you wish to improve your career luck then placing a painting of fishes or even furniture which is blue in color towards the North sector of your Living room would aid.

The General guidelines for recharging your place are:
* Keep the foyer and the area just inside your main door well lit, clean and fresh without furniture or obstacles in line with the main door.
* Place fresh flowers in a large urn of water close to the main door.
* Floral decorations with yellow flowers in the living room bring in fresh feel.
* Place green and healthy plants in the East and the Southeast sectors of your living room to enhance wealth luck.
* Replace wall drapes and curtains and re align the furniture and ensure that the under surface of the beds and furniture are cleaned.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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