‘Muslims Fanatics Attacking Christians with Impunity’

‘Muslims Fanatics Attacking Christians with Impunity’


Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia are attacking Christians with impunity, the head of Indonesian bishops said during a visit to the Vatican this week.

“Muslim fanatics are staging violence and denying basic religious freedom and stopping the construction of places of worship and the practice of Christianity,” Martinus Dogma Situmorang told the Vatican’s l’Osservatore Romano daily.

“Alas, these incidents are being tolerated or authorities are turning a blind eye without taking any legal action because in their eyes it is less serious even though they were accompanied by violence,” said Situmorang.

The country’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion but rights groups say violence against minorities, including Christians and the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect, has escalated since 2008.

In February, a 1,500-strong mob of Muslims set two churches alight and ransacked a third in the town of Temanggung, in Java, as they demanded that a Christian man be sentenced to death for insulting Islam.

Situmorang said even if extremists and radicals behind these attacks were brought to justice, the “punishments accorded are not proportionate to their acts.”

He said fanaticism was on the rise but security forces appeared to have got weaker.

More than 80 percent of Indonesia’s estimated 240 million people are Muslim. Five percent are Protestants and three percent Catholic.


  1. diggity says:

    What can you do? Religion is a plague upon this earth. The differences between religions is what causes problems. Even if they weren’t violent, the fact that you have one side saying ‘My view of such and such is correct’ and another side saying ‘No, my view is correct’ causes tension. Eventually there will be people on either side who will resort to violence. The only solution to a peaceful earth? Abandon religion and its facist controls and embrace your fellow man. Marvel in the ways they lead a different and fulfilling life.

  2. Kunny... says:

    Islam is the problem!!!Not other religions!!!

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