‘Strong’ Krishna Enters 26th Day of Hunger Strike

‘Strong’ Krishna Enters 26th Day of Hunger Strike


Indonesian spiritual leader Anand Krishna entered his 26th day on Sunday of a hunger strike against his detention by a court and said he is “amazed” at his strength.

Check-Up: Human rights lawyer Adnan Buyung Nasution visited Krishna at Keramat Jati Police Hospital.

Krishna, 54, is on trial in Jakarta accused of sexually assaulting a former student, Tara Laksmi, 20. He went on hunger strike on March 9 when the South Jakarta District Court ordered him incarcerated.

Krishna denies the charge and claims it was devised by elements who oppose his multi-religious views. He says his refusal to eat is a protest at the court’s decision to jail him when he had been appearing in court since the trial got under way last August.

“The hunger strike is for the higher purpose of my struggle against injustice. And I strongly feel that my arrest is unjust and unlawful. I have always attended each and every court session without fail,” Krishna told The Bali Times on Sunday from the Keramat Jati Police Hospital in Jakarta, where he is under observation.

On March 16 Krishna, on day eight of his hunger strike, collapsed in court and was taken to the hospital. He had been previously treated in hospital for diabetes and a heart condition.

Pointing to a “conspiracy behind this whole foul drama,” Krishna said he would not give up his strike until he is freed.

“My hunger strike therefore goes on until I’m released from this unlawful arrest,” he said.

And he said he felt capable of enduring much more of his protest.

“The body definitely feels weak, but the spirit is as strong as ever. I myself am amazed at the strength and power of the spirit that can make me go on over my 26th day of hunger strike without food. I’m feeling now in a very minutest manner and way what (Mahatma) Gandhi must have felt several times during his struggles.”


  1. Magdalena susanti says:

    Wooww this is Amazing sir! You are a really Indonesian Spiritual leaders who have a strong spirit and a good attituted trade record. I just feel that your case is just character assasination. My pray always be with you sir cause you fight for our nation, best regard from me from Kupang.

  2. Putu Angelina Vidyamartha says:

    Hinger strike against injustice for nation. This is Satyagraha Mahatma Gandhi, just only people who have big love for nation can do this. Must be inspired the people to move and against injustice. Inspired us in Bali to make movement to educate people.

  3. prasaja says:

    The body definitely feels weak, but the spirit is as strong as ever….. I bow to U sir…. Indonesia need U. Be strong and always speak the unity of diversities…..

  4. nugroho says:

    What a strong character you are Sir. You keep on struggling for Indonesian justice. Hopefully, the Truth is prevailed as soon as possible. Amen…Best regard from Bandar Lampung.

  5. Made Dharma says:

    Yes..We proud of you Sir. You educated Indonesian People to struggle against injustice. Without Bom but LOVE you make Indonesian People Awake!! Thank You SIr! We always love u as a Indonesian Fathers

  6. Yunita Panggabean says:

    Anothers Sukarno..write so many books and now do action, perfecly…Salute!

  7. Yulia says:

    Nothing else matter so keep fighting for the truth, our support from New Jersey.

  8. Jan says:

    Mr.Krishna has done plenty things for the betterment of this nation. Now he’s doing another one….

  9. Edy S says:

    Ahimsa needs a very strong will and pure heart. You decided to suffer consciously to fight the injustice system of law. You sacrificing yourself without hurting anybody. Such a principle Sir! I salute you! Your struggle will inspire the world.

  10. Kadek says:

    i am very salute for your struggle…

  11. Ray says:

    the truth and the pure heart always win..keep the spirit..He is the treasure life of this nation! support His Struggle for justice!

  12. Agung says:

    it is a great gentelement revolution. Satyameva Jayate!

  13. Imadud says:

    Hunger Strike is going into 26 Days, and this is a sign of heart determination. Well, maybe we should check what’s going on in this case. Why the goverment is silent about this? Anyone has a clue?

  14. Imadud says:

    Day 26 into hunger strike is a sign of strong determination and intention. What’s really the case here?

  15. Nur Wahid says:

    we are support and pray for your sir…

  16. Merre be says:

    pls give me update about him now!