120km of Bali’s Roads ‘Severely Damaged’

120km of Bali’s Roads ‘Severely Damaged’


Governor I Made Mangku Pastika says the 120 kilometres of provincial roads in Bali that are severely damaged will be repaired next year — and apologised the lack of maintenance up to now, saying his government had other pressing spending priorities.

Bali has 850 kilometres of roads for which the provincial government has direct responsibility.

“Data on the bad roads is already on my desk with photographs,” Pastika said at a function at the Wantilan Park at Margarana.

The governor reportedly told the crowd it cost approximately Rp1 million (US$88) to fund basic maintenance for every kilometre of roadway so on the basis of 120 kilometres of road urgently needing maintenance the budget would be Rp360 million ($40,800).

“We plan in the year 2012 for all damaged provincial roads to be repaired,” he said.

Pastika said he frankly admitted that the provincial government had not been able to meet the demand from people who want road improvements.

“I accept criticism from the public. We admit we were not able to do it,” he said.

He asked for patience from the community because the government’s priorities were poverty alleviation, health and education.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Has the government considered using some of the revenue from the VOA scheme? Tourists are the ones that generally use the transport to visit your beautiful island.

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