23 Thousands Campaign Props in Bali Violating

23 Thousands Campaign Props in Bali Violating


The Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) noted at least 23 thousand campaign props installation in Bali province have violated the rules.

“From approximately 34 thousand props installed in Bali by the legislative candidates and the party carrying them, as many as 23 thousand of them breaking the rules,” said a member of Bali Province Bawaslu, Ketut Sunadra, in Denpasar.

But the Bawaslu officers could not take decisive action because there is no mechanism in controlling props mounted by candidates or parties carrying them.

Bawaslu has reported it to the Election Commission as the organizer to dispose it to the local government in order to take action, but due to the limited number of personnel and budget, the control cannot be implemented as expected.

“The legislative candidates in Bali seem to be the guardians of trees or bridges,” said Ni Putu Ayu Winariati, other speaker in the socialization of increasing community participation in the 2014 election.

There is even a candidate photo contains an invitation to the public to uphold the philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana”, which means saluting the Almighty God, respect between people and the environment, but the candidate put up that picture on a tree.

He agreed that Bali as an international tourist destination needs to arrange the campaign props mounting so as not to distract the tourists’ comfort. Unlike the existing image mounting of political parties and legislative candidates as well as almost all participants of the election who race to put up photos as desired that demonstrates dirty and chaotic conditions.

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