3 Nights Only: Indonesia cuts quarantine period for fully vaxxed foreigners

3 Nights Only: Indonesia cuts quarantine period for fully vaxxed foreigners

The Indonesian government has shortened the quarantine period for fully vaxxed foreigners to three days, in a move that might just attract international tourists to finally visit its open travel destinations, like Bali.

In a circular issued on Nov. 2, Indonesia’s COVID-19 Task Force updated the requirements for international travelers visiting the archipelago. Both Indonesians and foreign nationals coming from abroad are expected to quarantine for three days upon arrival if they have been fully vaccinated, while those who have only gotten their first jab are subject to a five-day quarantine period.

All other rules previously stated still apply, such as the requirement to pay for quarantine at the visitors’ own expense and health insurance with coverage of at least US$100,000 and including treatment for COVID-19. In addition, foreign tourists are only allowed to enter Indonesia through Bali and Riau Islands at this time.

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport officially opened to foreign tourists on Oct. 14, but the province has yet to see a meaningful surge in international visitors even after two weeks. The Indonesian government has loosened some requirements as COVID-19 restrictions eased throughout the country, such as the reduced quarantine period.

Indonesia is currently only accepting travelers from 19 eligible countries, including Japan, France, and New Zealand, and has yet to update this list at the time of publication.

Source: coconuts.co

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