30 ‘Condotels’ Face Badung Axe

30 ‘Condotels’ Face Badung Axe


Badung’s regional tourism office (Disparda) has been urged to take immediate action against dozens of “condotels” in Badung that do not have operating permits.

Many of them are acknowledged to be properties where owners have negotiated waivers with local officials.

Office chief I Made Subawa said the message to owners was clear. “If you do not have an operating permit, you should close until you obtain one.”

Subawa reiterated that an operating permit was an “absolute” requirement for investors and it was in their interest to immediately complete the licence process to avoid the regency closing down their operation.

More than 30 condotels are affected, according to Subawa.

Badung Satpol chief Wayan Adi Arnawa said this week Satpol was still making an inventory of properties and would not be able to act until this was done.

Local legislators have called for Satpol to take strong action immediately and some have questioned its motives in holding off from doing so.

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  1. Friend of Bali says:

    What about illegal hotels operating on the beach at Bingin and brand new ones at Impossibles/padang padang. They charge US$100 per night for airconditioned rooms, often run by foreigners. Not only do they have no IMB,no business licence, do not pay any taxes but they are built on public beaches and have illegal PLN connections running along the ground to reach them. What happens to the sewrage from these hotels? More are being built at this moment. No one cares but the beautiful beaches are going under concete, the famous rock cliffs being destroyed. Go have a look…this would not be allowed anywhere else in the world and so easy to stop. Maybe its no coincidence the vice Buparti comes from Pecatu… Instead of attacking the illegal condotels perhaps you should go hunting for their friends inside the Regency.

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