31 Expensive Dogs Euthanized after Being Smuggled into Bali

31 Expensive Dogs Euthanized after Being Smuggled into Bali


Thirty-one expensive dogs of breeds, such as Siberian husky Pomeranian, miniature Pomeranian, and leci have been euthanized by officers of the Gilimanuk agricultural quarantine, Jembrana, Bali province.

The dogs, worth hundreds of millions of rupiah, were smuggled from Java to Bali on April 11, and they were euthanized after no one claimed their ownership after 24 hours, Ida Bagus Eka Ludra of the Bali Agricultural Quarantine Office reported here on Tuesday.

Two Persian cats and several birds, which were also smuggled on the same day, were returned to Java as the identity of their owners remained unknown.

“We euthanized the dogs because no one claimed to be the owners,” Ludra stated.

He pointed out that the animals smuggled into Bali were not automatically euthanized. The authorities will wait for 24 hours to get the necessary documents, before returning the animals to their places of origin or culling them if no one claimed ownership.

Regarding the 31 dogs, he claimed that his officers had tried to get in touch with the names written on the dogs’ cages, but they denied that they owned the dogs.

“We do not want to take any risks, as Bali was once hit by rabies. So, we euthanized the dogs in accordance with the procedures,” he remarked.

In line with the Agriculture Ministry’s Regulation No. 1696/2008, Bali has been named as a mad dog disease quarantine area.

“According to the regulation, animals, such as dogs, cats, and monkeys, which could carry the rabies virus, are currently banned from entering Bali. The regulation is still effective and not yet revoked,” he emphasized.

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