7 Reasons Why Foreign Tourists Love to Visit Bali

7 Reasons Why Foreign Tourists Love to Visit Bali

Bali is one of Indonesia’s tourism icons which is visited by many local and foreign tourists. According to the Journal of Bali Studies, the island was named the best tourist destination in the world by Trip Advisor in 2018.

Below are seven reasons why foreign tourists love to visit Bali:

  1. Friendly locals

The people of Bali are known for being friendly as well as polite, helpful, and welcoming to tourists. They are also known to be soft-spoken, always conversing with a kind and polite tone of voice. 

  1. Arts and Culture

Bali is home to an abundance of fascinating arts and culture. From dances, carvings, and many other types of arts and culture estimated to have existed for centuries.

  1. Culinary delights

Bali is famous for its local delicacies that are a favorite among foreigners. From nasi campurbetutu chicken, sate lilitlawar, roasted suckling pig, and many more. Not just local food, Bali also has many international cuisines to offer.

  1. Cheap

For foreign tourists, the cost of living in Bali can be quite affordable. Hotel rates and food prices vary, from the very budget-friendly to six-star options, there is always something for everyone with every size of travel coffer.

  1. Plenty to see and experience 

As an island, Bali is of course famous for its beautiful beaches of all types, from the warm sand, and calm beaches to rocky spots with magnificent surf waves. But the island is also home to green mountains, rice field terraces, and cool villages, such as Kintamani. Beyond nature, Bali also has plenty of urban entertainment to offer, including nightclubs, bars, and beach clubs.

  1. Ethereal temples

As an island where Hindus are the majority, you can find temples anywhere in Bali. A number of beautiful, grand temples are also open for tourists in areas like Goa Lawah, Tanah Lot, Gunung Lebah, and Ulun Danu.

  1. Heaven on earth

Known as the island of the gods, Bali’s nature is exquisite, often likened to paradise. One of the best places visitors love to enjoy Bali’s nature in is Mount Batur, where many climb the active volcano to view a breathtaking sunrise from its peak. Foreign visitors, especially photographers, and videographers, also love the view of Bali’s terraced paddy fields on its sloped hills, which the locals use to grow crops that require irrigation such as rice.

Source: tempo.co

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